10 Funny Movies To Watch While High

When forced to pick only 10 funny movies to watch high, you have to get creative and omit some of the more obvious choices.  Everything is funny when you are baked out of your gourd but that doesn’t mean you have to watch “Friday” again.  Time to get weird.

  1. "Cabin Boy."  Nathaniel is a fancy lad who ends up on the wrong boat.  While aboard The Filthy Whore, he grows to manhood after humping a multi-limbed goddess and battling her husband who is a giant that sells appliances.  This movie requires a powerful high to understand anything. 
  2. "Pippi Longstocking."  You need the original, horribly dubbed Swedish version that came out in 1969.  People who fear redheads should avoid this movie.  When high, they could completely lose it.  The kid that played Pippi is strange.  Pippi is about a super strong girl who has a horse, a monkey and a suitcase full of gold. 
  3. "Animal House."  This is classic stoner fare but it sometimes gets overlooked if you hate frat boys.  Movies like this can simply never be made again.  Our current climate of political correctness would overrule the hedonistic virtues the movie embraces.   A powerful sativa is needed because it also encourages you to drink heavily.
  4. "Repo Man."  If you have ten funny movies to watch while high, there is an excellent chance one of them will have aliens.  "Repo Man" is gives you alien corpses in the back of a Chevy Malibu, the LA punk scene in the 80’s and government agents who look like Ken dolls.  If you get twisted beyond belief, you will seem only half as high as Harry Dean Stanton.           
  5.  "Rubin and Ed."  Crispin Glover is weirder than you no matter how high you are.  He plays Rubin, whose mother told him to find a friend.  Ed is a pathetic salesmen who is tricked into giving Rubin a ride to the desert to bury his frozen cat.  After you watch this you will understand the wisdom of the cryptic phrase, "My cat can eat a whole watermelon."
  6. "Wizard of Oz" and Pink Floyd.  The degenerate Englishmen (Pink Floyd) have all denied the "Wizard of Oz" and Dark Side of the Moon connection.  But thousands of stoners disagree.  On the third roar from the MGM lion, play Dark Side of the Moon.  The funny part is watching stoned people see this for the first time.  They trip out on stuff like the Tin Man’s heart beating to Pink Floyd and react like they have discovered god.      
  7. "Ed Wood."  People love movies about movies.  If you love bad movies, you will love "Ed Wood."  This movie peers into the soul of a transvestite that made films so awful they are considered an art form today.  If your woman gets high, this is a perfect stoner date movie because it stars Johnny Depp.
  8. "The Naked Prey."  You will need to be very high for this movie.  After the beginning, there is no dialogue.  A group of hunters is captured by an ‘African’ tribe and killed off except one dude who sprints away naked.  In 1966, you could not show a butt cheek.  There is much giggling to be had as he sprints through Africa in pantyhose.
  9. "Planet Of The Apes."   When people are high and confused, things like humanoids with monkeyheads tend to catch the eye.  Oh and Charlton Heston bellowing and carrying on like an ape is awesome.  There may be messages about human culture in "Planet of the Apes", but when you are high, it’s just sort of funny.  
  10. "Dead Alive."  "Dead Alive" has been described as a porno that jizzes blood.  If you can only watch one funny movie while high, choose this one.  Peter Jackson may be remembered for his tiny men with hairy feet but this was obviously his greatest work.  A Sumatran rat monkey bites Lionel’s mom and turns her into a zombie.  Naturally, she makes more zombies as the movie progresses and Lionel uses a lawnmower to kill them.  Brilliant.      
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