10 Funny Pick Up Lines For Vegetarians

Do you have a date with a vegetarian and are in need of some funny pick up lines for vegetarians? No need to worry about what you are going to say anymore. Here you will find 10 funny pick up lines for vegetarians that can be used to ease up that first or second awkward date. 

  1. "Protein, did you say protein? I have endless amounts of protein if needed." Hopefully the woman you are dating has a sense of humor when you come out with this one. Otherwise, you will be offering your protein somewhere else. 
  2. "Your organic shirt looks great on you, can I touch it?" Whenever you get a chance to touch, go for it. The more you touch, the more easier it will get during the date. 
  3. "The World's Sexiest Vegetarian is looking for models, can I submit your picture?" If you do not get at least a smile out of this one, well then I think it is time to just give up on the pick up lines all together. 
  4. "I have new hemp sheets, wanna try them out?" You will either get a sure with this one or a hand gesture with a giggle in between. Definitely one to try if you want to get her to your bedroom. 
  5. "I'll eat your peach if you try my zucchini." Perfect to break the ice and just get the date moving in an onward direction. If she has no sense of humor, this will be the one pick up line that makes you realize it. 
  6. "Ya wanna mix vitamins?" Sounds corny, but it should make her laugh or giggle. Be sure you say it with a cocky, yet humorous approach. 
  7. "If I said you had the body of a vegetarian, would you hold it against me?" Classic pick up line with an added twist !
  8. "Can I cover you in agave nectar?" If she is a true vegetarian, she will know exactly what this is and why you want to cover her in it. Say this with sensuality yet always keep that grin on. 
  9. "Baby, you have the passion and figure of a Vegan." Do a little arm on arm tapping while you dish out this vegetarian pick up line. She is sure going to appreciate it. 
  10. "I am sure we could both reach the big O in no time. Organic that is." You should definitely at least get a hint of flirting back at you once you say this. If she pays no attention to this one, then move on with something else quickly. 

There you have it. 10 of the best funny pick up lines for vegetarians. If these do not work, then I guess it's back to the zucchini for her.

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