10 Funny Rap Music Songs

Hip-hop is known by some for its sense of humor and these 10 funny rap music songs will convince everyone else as well. While it's not best to know an entire genre of music by its novelty songs, these funny rap music songs show lyrical acumen as well as a goofy, off-kilter sensibility. Even better, these funny rap music songs will get any party going.

  1. "Just a Friend" by Biz Markie This song is a clever ditty about a cheating woman, but what most people remember is the hilariously off-key chorus, sung by Biz himself. That chorus, which makes for a great drunken sing-a-long at any party, earns "Just a Friend" the top spot out of our funny rap music songs.
  2. "The Humpty Dance" by Digital Underground This one-hit wonder of the early 1990s is still a favorite among fans of funny rap music songs. Not many MCs can make "gettin' busy in a Burger King bathroom" sound like fun. Strangely enough, Tupac Shakur was a Digital Underground member in his early years.
  3. "Jihad" by Raekwon and Ghostface Killah What makes this an apt inclusion among funny rap music songs is that it is a story song. Ghostface is getting down with a woman of loose morals and his son busts in, angrily holding a gun and demanding his father stop getting it on with his woman. Ghostface's explanation of how it's not his fault, while putting his son in his place, is hilarious.
  4. "My Fault" by Eminem Em could probably have his own list of funny rap songs, but this one is among his best. It's another story song with the narrator giving a girl too many mushrooms at a party and explaining what happens as a result.
  5. "Halfsharkalligatorhalfman" by Dr. Octagon Dr. Octagon is one of Kool Keith's many alter-egos, a gynecologist from the future with a fixation on potty humor. On this utterly strange track, Dr. Octagon meets his match in Mr. Gerbik, a creature who's half-shark/alligator, half-man. For those with an absurd sense of humor, this is essential among funny rap music songs.
  6. "Ether" by Nas Most funny rap music songs are good-natured, but this Nas track is definitely not. The humor here comes from the swipes he takes at rival Jay-Z through his lyrics and most of his zingers land with a hard punchline.
  7. "Because I Got High" by Afroman This song is the story of a stoner's life told with a laconic sense of humor. This entry on our list of funny rap music songs lists all the things the narrator did not do because he got high.
  8. "Spankmaster (Take Off Your Clothes)" by Kool Keith Keef makes another appearance on the list of funny rap music songs, this time rapping under his own name, in his perverted loverman persona. His increasingly ridiculous requests of his potential lover will make any listener who can handle humor a little off-color laugh out loud.
  9. "The New Workout Plan" by Kanye West Before Kanye got too famous, he was a down-to-earth guy with a healthy distrust of the consumerist nature of hip-hop. He makes fun of that, taking to task gold-digging women looking to land an NBA player or rap star, in this song from his debut "The College Dropout."
  10. "Lapdance" by NERD It's hard to tell if this final entry on our list of funny rap music songs is intentionally humorous, but it's funny nonetheless. It compares politicians to strippers in the most blatant way possible and comes off sounding at once like a serious booty jam, a political statement and a novelty song.
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