10 Funny Rap Quotes

Rap does indeed have a humorous side, and these 10 funny rap quotes are the best. Although most rappers aren't that funny, there are some repeat offenders that are well known for their funny lyrics. While some of these rap quotes are outright funny, others might need a second listen to find the humor.

  1. “Caught Juvenille for his Cash Money piece/told him I want it all he said, “even the gold teeth” – 50 Cent. 50 Cent rhymed his funny rap quote on his first underground single, “How to Rob.” The song is an extensive tongue-in-cheek narrative about how he would hypothetically rob various music artists.  

  2. “Feels like a midget is hanging from my necklace” – Ludacris.  Ludacris meant no offense by this funny rap quote from his song, “Stand Up.” This line makes reference to a very large, heavy piece of jewelry. However, as a rapper, Ludacris likes to embellish and exaggerate just a little bit.

  3. “Got a quarter tank of gas in my new E Class/but I'm gon' ride” – Big Tymers. The entire hook from “Still Fly” by the Cash Money group, Big Tymers, is pretty funny. But this particular quote is the funniest because it is the exact opposite of the name Cash Money and Big Tymers.

  4. “Shake it like a Polaroid picture” – Andre 3000. Rappers are always coming up with crazy metaphors to describe how everyone should be dancing. Andre 3000 uses a Polaroid instant picture in this funny rap quote. Although some listeners might not get the reference in his song, “Hey Ya,” this funny quote still makes a lot of sense.

  5. “My psychic told me she would have an ass like Serena, Trina, Jennifer Lopez.” – Kanye West. In his song, “Goldigger,” Kanye West takes the time to describe his perfect girl. However, there is humor in this rap quote because he doesn't seemed concerned with anything else except for her figure.

  6. “When she's on the rag never let her fry the Ragu” – MF Doom. As one the best kept secrets of underground Hip-hop, MF Doom uses his rap skills for good to write witty rap songs. On his song, “Hoe Cakes,” he uses clever imagery for this funny rap quote based on an old Italian superstition.

  7. “Her neck was smelling sweeter than a plate of yams with extra syrup” – Big Boi. Outkast tried their hand at spoken word poetry on their classic album track, “Spottieottiedopaliscious.” In the song, Big Boi wrote this funny rap quote to describe how he feels about a women he has met in the club.

  8. “I love you like a fat kid loves cake” – 50 Cent. Although 50 Cent doesn't seem like much of a comedian, he has another funny rap quote on the list. Unlike the last example, 50 Cent shows that he has a funny side, as well as a senstive side in his song “21 Questions.”

  9. “My first name must be He Ain't Shit/cause everytime I'm in my car bitches be like he ain't shit” – Redman. Known for his penchant toward witty and funny rap lyrics, Redman wrote this funny quote for all of the haters in his song, “I'll Bee Dat.” This funny rap quote provides the punchline to an even funnier hook.

  10. “I'm in love with a stripper” – T-Pain. T-Pain made a name for himself in the music business with the hook from his first single, “I'm in Love with a Stripper.” Although the lyrics were funny, T-Pain was probably dead serious.

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