10 Funny Romantic Quotes From Movies

Are you searching for 10 funny romantic quotes from movies? Well, you are reading the right article. Stick with this article to get your dose of funny romantic quotes from movies voted by users on different web sites around the web. These quotes are great to use at wedding, anniversary parties, or just for your special someone to give them a smile or two.

  1. "Love is a leap …I was never inspired to jump." – "Kate and Leopold" – This is a great romantic quote from a movie that is also hilarious at the same time. Just be sure to never use this quote around your lover!
  2. "I would rather fight with you than make love to anyone else." – "The Wedding Date" – This is a great funny romantic quote from a movie to use on your spouse after or during a fight. Who knows, it might break the tension up.
  3. "If your not willing to sound stupid, you're not worthy of falling in love." – "A Lot Like Love" – This romantic funny quote is not only funny, but sort of true. This is a great line to use when you are confessing your love to someone.
  4. "You are the only person that can make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time." – "The Hot Chick" – This is sort of an oxymoron funny romantic quote to use. It sounds sweet, but it also sounds a little ridiculous. Great line for a smile!
  5. "Mama always said life was like a box a chocolates, never know what you're gonna get." – "Forest Gump" – Not only is this quote about life in general, but it's also very romantic. Not only is it romantic, but it's also hilarious. It's one of the best funny romantic quotes in time.
  6. "Because he's just a man, he wants to be loved but every woman he gets near he ends up smothering and killing, and I've had similar experiences." – "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" – This funny romantic quote came about why someone asked Peter why he liked Dracula so much. Kind of true, in a certain light.
  7. "It's like a little kid gets a puppy for the first time, just hugs it so much, snaps it's neck. It's puppy cradle death syndrome. All that love is gonna snap that puppy. " – "Couples Retreat" – This is a very funny romantic quote about what happens when someone loves someone too much for their own good.
  8. "Some things are not meant to last, they just take a place in your heart and make you smarter the next time." – "Alex and Emma" – Very true and very solid advice. Not only is this a funny romantic quote, but it's also a lesson everyone must learn.
  9. "A wonderful thing, as time goes by, to be with someone who looks into your face, when you've gotten old, and still sees what you think you look like." – "The Bachelor" – Sweet, funny and very true. This is a great quote to use for anniversaries and such.
  10. "The being in love is better than the falling in love." – "Simply Irresistible" – This is another funny romantic quote about love that is also a bit of an oxymoron, but it's still a very true observation about love.
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