10 Funny Songs About Old Age

Joking about aging seems to be the best way to deal with it, which is why listening to 10 funny songs about old age will delight any body who is on that road. That is anybody who is born.

  1. “People My Age.” This folk song from John Gorka portrays the physical changes of old age in a very funny way. It's a song that will make you laugh and at the same time be thoughtful. The song is from “Company You Keep.”
  2. “Good Company.” The funny song about old age from Queen’s album “A Night at the Opera” talks about the importance of keeping good company through the years while you age.
  3. “An Old Love Song.” This song from Kossoy Sisters’ living folk album “Hop on Pretty Girls” is comic and at the same time charming.
  4. “The Two Hundred Year Old Alcoholic.” Growing old does not mean you stop living. You could have a lot of fun at eighty if you put your mind to it. Liam Clancy portrays this sentiment in a very comic way in this greatest of funny songs about old age.
  5. “The One I Loved Back Then.” George Jones tells the story of a young man driving a corvette meeting an old fellow who talks about his past love saying “she was hotter than a two dollar pistol.” The story’s ending is certainly worth a few laughs. May be a bit of pondering too.
  6. “The Remember Song.” This song from Tom Rush talks about the most negative effects of aging, but in a way that makes you laugh.
  7. “Waltzing Around in the Nude.” How do you keep yourself happy and giggly when you are 80 years old? Why, by “waltzing around in the nude” of course.
  8. “Modern Maturity.” This is one of the songs about old age that talks about a person’s shock when he finds out that he is old. Old enough for “Modern Maturity magazine.” The song is by Tom Paxton.
  9. “Greezy Mac.” Another one of the songs about old age that would make you laugh. For, it tells the story of some one who does not realize that he is old. It is sung by David Parry.
  10. “Oh No.” Christine Lavin sings about the travails of a lady who cannot remember where she put her glasses (on her head) in this song about old age and memory loss. Funny as well as sad.
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