10 Funny ‘South Park’ Quotes

Why are these 10 funny "South Park" quotes, so hilarious? Well, maybe it's because the show is off-the-wall screwy to begin with. Funny "South Park" quotes, aren't that hard to come by, the series created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker is full of them. So, we compiled our favorite "South Park" quotes from all time right here. Be warned, "All celebrity voices are impersonated, poorly."

  1. Mr. Garrison, "I don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die." Notably poking fun at women, Mr. Garrison knows that deep down inside he's totally jealous. Well, we kind of find that out later.
  2. Stan, "Oh my God they killed Kenny!" Amusing at best, this isn't the best example of "South Park" quotes and their potential. Still, it is a trademark of the series, and every now and then it deserves a chuckle.
  3. Uncle Jimbo, "Hell everything's legal in Mexico, it's the American way!" A funny socio-economic observation on things. Nonetheless, it makes the list of funny "South Park" quotes just because Uncle Jimbo is just so darn good looking!
  4. Cartman, "You know, maybe we're not seeing heaven because one of us is a J-O-O." Sometimes it's prudent to wonder whether the creators like or hate Cartman. After all, the poor fat kid can't spell his least favorite thing correctly.
  5. Rob Reiner, "Sometimes lying is okay, like when you know what's good for people more than they do." Nothing like "South Park" quotes to make you feel humored yet uneasy. After all, no one knows better than you do about other people's lives.
  6. Officer Barbrady, "You can't kidnap people and lock them in your basement!" Someone has to remind Cartman, if not Barbrady, it should be his mother. Well, not Cartman's mother (she's a little unreliable). As Cartman says: "They're not people, they're hippies!"
  7. Cartman, "Stan and Kyle are uncaring vagina-faces." Poor Eric, no one respects him as the world's greatest super hero. "That's what super heroes do" he told Kenny. Sorry Cartman, we're not exactly following your logic there, still, this one's a winner among funny "South Park" quotes.
  8. Cartman, "All Coon friends report to base. I'm so serious." Someone's got to step up and take charge. If not Eric, who? Someone like Mysterion (Kenny)? Oh please, who's going to give us those good "South Park" quotes?
  9. Tony Hayward, "We no longer f*** the Earth, we DP it." One of the better things about 'South Park' quotes is that they often hit home quite humorously. British Petroleum, Dependable Petroleum, it's all the same, right?
  10. Stan, "All people from Jersey do is hump and punch each other." After watching an episode of "The Jersey Shore," Stan becomes a little disillusioned with New Jersey. One of the better "South Park" quotes that comment on repetitive reality shows.

It's not hard to find funny "South Park" quotes, but these truly top it. The best thing "South Park" does for its audiences is humorously comment on ridiculous situations in real life. You have to love it.

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