10 Funny Tattoo Ideas

There are many “Bucket O’ Fails” tattoos, but do you wonder what the top 10 funny tattoo ideas are? If your tattoo makes this list, don’t worry. We promise someone else has an even funnier one. Some of these were obviously not meant to be funny, but they are. If your plan involves two six packs and your cousin who has always wanted to learn how to ink someone, this article is for you! These 10 funny tattoo ideas may give you some food for thought.


  1. "Gone to Market, be Back Soon": Everyone knows the little who piggy cried, “Wee wee wee,” all the way home. This top 10 funny tattoo idea should be inked on the top of the foot if you're missing your pinky toe. Beautifully sick and twisted all at once.
  2. "Legalize Murder": What an interesting cause to have in one’s political arsenal. Removing the murdering business from criminals and letting our government take care of it sounds good in theory, but not so much in reality. However, you may get Charlie Manson's support by taking this stance. He never really goes out of style!
  3. "I’m Awsome!": Proclaim to the world just how "awsome" you are! Yes, "awsome" is sometimes spelled this way. Better yet, an intentionally misspelled, albeit well-placed, MORON would be even cooler. This funny tattoo will make the Grammar Nazi’s finally come down off their high-horses.
  4. "No Entry," or "STOP" on the Butt Crack:  Butt crack tats rock, no matter how you slice it. First of all, if you are a guy who is silly enough to want this funny tattoo, where is your dignity? Although, you could add “Buy me a drink, and we’ll talk," on the flip side! Covers all your options. This funny tat works especially well if you are anticipating going away to prison. Go another one better and add a "I will YIELD for the right one."
  5. Blanche Fire Breathing Dragon: Any men out there who will admit to loving the Golden Girls? Why not have Blanche breathing fire out of your dragon! Better yet, let this southern cougar breathe out 1970s dancing men going boom chicka wah wah. Gotta have the sequins and feathers, too. Let Rose breathe bunnies, unicorns and rainbows, Dorothy breathe a school-teaching lesbian and Sophia breathe dreams of her purse. Picture it. Divine!
  6. The Demon Tail: This one is tricky. Proper placement is the key to this funny tattoo. If not placed high above the anus, this tat could look like your colon escaping, or worse yet, like a long poop tail. You could be the, "not quite evolved devil tail guy" who hangs from trees. All your homeboys will think it looks "awsome” under your shorts.
  7. Just Trying to Get a Nut: Two squirrels on your upper, inner thigh looking at…well, you know what they are eye-balling. Both have their little squirrel hands out reaching for a nut. This is both a funny tattoo and a good lesson-sharing story for the kiddies.
  8. Harder! This site does not discriminate. Hey, if you want this as your version of a manly tramp stamp, who are we to argue? This one fairly SCREAMS  “class” no matter where you want to put it. Conversation is overrated; apparently, so is subtlety. Tell ‘em what you want right up front…or back. Be a “no nonsense” kind o' guy. Let your funny tat do the demanding for you.
  9. Tumor on Your Head? Dress that nubbin up! Men who are going bald AND have growths on their heads sometimes deal with it in cool ways. It can be your third eyeball, a tiny bowler hat, a turtle or a brain slug bug. Get credit for being playful with extraneous body parts.
  10. VOID Stamp: For the love of all that is holy, do not ink your ex’s name on yourself, or any name unless it is your child's or a memorial tattoo. However, if you do and you break up, simply “void” them. “That’s right, Sarah. I’ll wear your name above my heart. What? You’re leaving me? Well, I simply voided you. You mean so little to me, that I got a tattoo so I’ll always remember how little you mean to me. Forever. Always. Meaningless.”
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