10 Funny Truth Or Dare Questions

It's Friday night, you've got a good group of friends together, and you need 10 funny truth or dare questions. Never fear, we've got more than you'll need right here! Truth or Dare questions (as well as the game) have an unclear origin, but have been played by children at parties for quite some time. In the game, Truth or Dare questions are submitted to whoever's turn it is, at which point they either answer them or pick a daring action to do instead.

  1. "When did you stop watching Barney?" Sure, I love you, you love me, we're all a happy family, but when did you stop watching that show? This is a surefire hit among funny Truth or Dare questions.
  2. "When was your first kiss?" Provided that the person doing the answering is telling the truth, this can be a very funny one. Remember: no judging! Really? She was 20 years old?
  3. "What question don't you want asked?" A top selection among funny Truth or Dare questions. If they tell the truth, just hit 'em with that same question the next round. Get ready for some laughs!
  4. "If you won the lottery today, what would you spend it on?" Let's put a cap of about $1,000,000 on it. Are they nerds on the inside, craving all of the finest comic books; or would they spend it on all the highest fashion? What about charity?
  5. "How often do you pick your nose?" Everyone has to do it on occasion, but how often do you do it? Truly a gem of Truth or Dare questions, how often does that particular person dig for the gold?
  6. "What worries you the most?" Barring serious family or personal issues, this question can be very exciting and funny. Does she really care what Jonathan thinks about her? Why does he care so much about the way he looks?
  7. "If you could only have one person on an island with you, who would it be?" Mom? Dad? Your boyfriend/girlfriend? How about Mr. Snuggles your teddy bear? Definitely one of the more interesting, funny Truth or Dare questions.
  8. "What's your biggest fantasy?" Maybe it's that guy in your science lab? How about that new Ferrari that just came out? Everyone has a big fantasy. Everyone can answer these Truth or Dare questions.
  9. "If you were invisible what would you do?" Oh come on! Like you've never had to answer these types of Truth or Dare questions. It seems most people would do things illegal.
  10. "If you had to kiss someone in the room, who would it be?" These common Truth or Dare questions can get repetitive after awhile, but never seem to stop being funny. Yes, it has to be a human being in the room.

Play your cards right and these funny Truth or Dare questions can be hilarious. Try not to step on anyone's toes, but don't be afraid to push the boundaries a little. After all, that's why we play Truth or Dare, isn't it?

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