10 Funny Wrestling Moves

Part of the fun of pro wrestling has always been how silly the whole thing is, as these 10 funny wrestling moves should prove.  It is not just the hilarious promos by the wrestlers with great timing that makes the sport so much fun.  Part of the fun is how bizarre some of the moves are. It is obvious that none of these would work in real life, but they add a great deal of entertainment to a given match.  In no particular order, here are ten of the funniest moves in wrestling:

  1. The Hip Hop Drop.  It is fairly difficult to describe the Drop.  During Brian Christopher's phase as Grandmaster Sexay, he would perform a "dancing" move that honestly looked a bit more like a seizure.  Worked well with the gimmick, though. 
  2. The Worm.  Scotty 2 Hotty's signature move, this was a "worm" into a kind of bizarre chopping drop.  It looked about as effective as the People's Elbow, but it always got the crowd on their feet.  If you were a fan during the height of the WCW/WWF feud, you remember this move.
  3. The Stink Face.  And who can forget the third member of Too Cool, Rikishi?  This move was nothing short of shoving his butt into an opponent's face.  This was his finisher.  Think about that for a moment.
  4. Sweet Shin Music.  Rarely seen, but always great.  During Mick Foley's run as Dude Love, he used this "finisher" rarely, and the crowd loved it.  Powering up the move in a manner similar to Shawn Michael's "Sweet Chin Music", Foley would deliver a crushing kick to the opponent's shin.  One of the best intentionally funny moves in wrestling.
  5. The Mandible Sock.  Essentially a Mandible Claw, with a dirty sock on.  Foley's sock-puppet friend Socko had a fair run of popularity in the WWF, and was incorporated in to his finishing move.  Again, a move meant to be intentionally ridiculous.
  6. Hogan's Leg Drop. Short and sweet, this move looks horrible, it rarely lands correctly, and it is one of the lowest impact finishers in sports entertainment.  As Hogan's career went on, it became more and more funny to watch how gingerly the big man would drop a leg to finish a match.
  7. The Chair. The chairshot is a staple of heels, no holds barred matches, and ECW.  In the hands of La Parka, though, it was a finisher.  He'd carry it to the ring, he would be referred to as "The Chairman", it was, to be honest, pretty much his entire schtick.  The real humor, though, came from how often it failed to work for him.
  8. The Choke Slam. Of all the moves on this list, this is probably also the only legitimate finisher. There isn't anything inherently funny about a guy getting choke slammed, but the reactions on the face of almost all of The Giant's opponents in the late 90s/Early 2000s will always cement this as one of the funniest moves in wrestling history.
  9. The Clothesline from Hell.  This is another wrestling move that looks pretty powerful, but is also fairly funny in context.  It is just a clothesline. JBL and his opponents always sold it well, but it was just a clothesline. Watching the announcers try to sell it as a finishing move was always a great time.
  10. The People's Elbow.  Does it need an explanation?  Great set up, great emotion, terrible moves.  The Rock (Yes, Duane Johnson himself) would use his legitimate finisher (The Rock Bottom), pose over his opponent, throw off an elbow pad, hit the ropes and … drop an elbow.  Silly, yes.  But electrifying enough to be one of the funniest wrestling moves.
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