10 Gay Coming Of Age Movies

You don’t necessarily have to be gay to enjoy these 10 gay coming of age movies–just open-minded!

  1. "Summer Storm." This German gay coming of age movie is set at a summer camp, and tells the story of two best friends–one of whom is straight, the other gay. 
  2. "Beautiful Thing." Set in a working-class council estate in England, two teenage next-door neighbors discover that love is, indeed, a beautiful thing.
  3. "Edge of Seventeen." “Edge of Seventeen” is filmmaker David Moreton’s autobiographical tale of a gay teenager growing up in Ohio in the 1980s. The winner of the audience award for best feature at the 1998 San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, “Edge of Seventeen” is one of our favorite gay coming of age movies.
  4. "Ma Vie en Rose." Perhaps the best gay coming of age movie in French, “Ma Vie en Rose” tells the poignant tale of a little boy who can’t wait to grow up–to become a woman.  
  5. "Latter Days." “Latter Days” is a film about a young Mormon missionary who winds up having a love affair with his next-door neighbor, who is openly gay.
  6. "Nico and Dani." Our favorite Spanish gay coming of age movie, “Nico and Dani” is about two best friends discovering their sexuality over a long summer at a beach resort outside of Barcelona.
  7. "Billy Elliot." Not a gay movie per se, this coming of age film about a young man who wants to become a professional dancer nonetheless captured the heart of gay men everywhere.
  8. "Vacationland." Based on the filmmaker’s own experiences, this gay coming of age movie is about a young man growing up in a small town in Maine who develops a crush on the school’s star football player.
  9. "My Own Private Idaho." River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves star in Gus van Sant’s classic epic about two young hustlers on the run.
  10. "Y Tu Mama Tambien." A story of love and lust in Mexico, “Y Tu Mama Tambien” rounds out our list of the top ten gay coming of age movies.
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