10 Genital Massage Tips

You need these 10 genital massage tips. When it comes to fondling her, you can’t just bombard her genitals. There’s a certain degree of caution that you need to exercise. Her genitals aren’t like a guy’s. Men only have to worry about their soldiers and the Siamese twins as far as genitals are concerned. There’s not much prep involved in massaging your own genitals. Lubricant or not, you’re going to get to the pay off. When it comes to massaging her genitals, however, well, just think of how you would preheat an oven before cooking something. Get the picture? Not giving her enough time to warm up can result in a sexual travesty.

  1. Turn her on. Before you can start massaging her genitals, spend some time getting her in the mood. A guy can massage himself within a second’s notice. However, it doesn’t work that way when you try to massage her genitals. She’s not going to just let you fondle her without the proper time spent getting her in the mood. Talk a good game, then be prepared to back it up.
  2. Foreplay. It’s not an option. Without it, you may as well go home. Good foreplay will get her juices going… literally. You can’t massage her genitals if she’s not wet. Fondling a dry vagina and clitoris can cause a lot of pain. So, get to the foreplay.
  3. Learn to tease. Anticipation of the genital massage can get her just as hot as the actual action. So, get dangerously close to giving her pleasure and pull it away. She’ll go nuts.
  4. Stimulation of the surrounding areas. This goes hand and hand with creating anticipation. Kiss her inner thigh and she’ll think of you going down on her. Fondle her breasts and she’ll wish for exclusive attention to her nipples.
  5. Pay attention to her. Read her body movements and the sounds she makes. Let her body language guide you. If she moans when you do something, you’ve struck gold. If not, try something else.
  6. Communicate. Ask her what she likes. Don’t sound like a dork. Ask her in your most heated, turned on, sexy voice.
  7. Your hands aren’t your only weapons. Your tongue and lips can give a damn good massage. Or, at least they can aid in a good genital massage. For those of you that don’t understand, go read about the birds and the bees.
  8. Deep tissue massage. Use your fingers, mouth, and penis to massage her from the inside. There’s a cluster of nerves on the roof of her vagina. Stimulate those nerves. She’ll appreciate it.
  9. Multiple massages. Create a combo of genital massaging pleasure. Try licking her clitoris while you lightly fondle her nipples. Give her a few fingers while you lick her nipples. Be creative. You’ll figure out what she likes.
  10. Alternating massage techniques. What this means is, don’t ever get to the point to where your genital massages become mechanical. Make sure you continue to find different ways to stimulate her genitals. You don’t want to become a one dimensional lover, so spend the time finding new ways to please her.
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