10 Geography Pick Up Lines

Looking for 10 geography pick up lines? Pick up lines are nothing more than the beautiful art form of a man's attempt in wooing a woman that are scientifically proven to work 100 percent of the time, all the time, if you sneak a little bit of geography in there.  Here is a list of ten pick up lines that are geographically related that ensure yourself of not going home alone tonight.


  1.  "I want to explore you like a National Geographic journalist." It's short, simple and right to the point.  She'll know what you mean and that you mean business. 
  2. "You want to take a trip down South tonight?"  Just like the one above, short, simple and to the point. 
  3. "Do you want to Australian Kiss? It's like the French kiss only down under."  This is clever because you're taking the cliche "French kiss" and adding your own twist to it, using a different country and its slogan.  Throw another shrimp on the barbie, mate, because you're bringing her home. 
  4. "Are you involved in the east African slave trade, because you're flaunting Djibouti around."  This pick up line is of poor taste.  Don't use it.  We're not saying it won't work; we're just saying it's not that funny.  And actually kind of terrible. 
  5. "I may not be Fred Flintstone per say, but I assure you I can make your bed rock." This pick up line was great, until someone gave Lil' Wayne a rapping career. 
  6. "Do you have a map, because I just got lost in your eyes." Though maps are about as useful as pay phones these days, she'll think it's cute from a retro perspective.
  7. "Are you from Tennessee, because you are the only ten-I-see!" We never really understood this one because in our experience, southern women generally have bad accents and weird teeth.  So we assumed it was referring to Tennessee Williams, because his mustache was beautiful, but then we realized we've seen better mustaches.  This witty line was marked forever a mystery, until we discovered Megan Fox.
  8. "Do you plan on going to see Big Ben anytime soon, because he's right here in my pants." You may hear this one from Prince Charles.  Or any English native, really. 
  9. "If you put your titi on my caca then together we will create a Peruvian lake." Women generally love when they hear this line because not only does it obtrusively suggest fornication with the chest, but in it lies an underlining theme stating that together, you and her are a god and goddess creating famous landmarks. 
  10. "Oh, I apologize for staring.  I thought that was the grand canyon." This line is the one to seal the deal.  If you don't understand it, then you may never land a woman again. 

These ten geographical pick up lines, if used correctly, guarantee you a quick squeeze to bring home from the club or bar, or hair salon or library.  If you use all ten, well, then you've found yourself a lifelong partner.  So use these girl grabber quotes with discretion, and make sure you know what you want.  Clingers due to your sweet words of poetry are the hardest to get rid of. 



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