10 German Drinking Songs

This list of 10 German drinking songs includes songs that are upbeat and some that are a bit depressing. German music is most known for having a waltz beat and baritone voices bellowing out the lyrics. You will find that some of the German drinking songs on this list are not exactly what you would expect from a German song.

  1. "Der Mai Ist Gekommen" – Traditional.  The literal translation of this traditional Oktoberfest German drinking song is "It May Come of." It tells the story of a man that takes the time to enjoy the world around him. The song is a celebration of life as you raise a beer to your friends and that is what places it on the list of the best German drinking songs.
  2. "Bayern, Des Samma Mir" – Traditional. This Bavarian drinking song was passed down from generation to generation until it became a German standard in pubs and bars. The lyrics are a simple anthem to drinking beer the German way. It's liberating tone and call for throwing down a pint to have a good time put it on this list of the best German drinking songs.
  3. "Lang, Lang Ist's Her" – Traditional. The Scots and the Irish were known for loud and baudy drinking songs, while the Germans are known for comtemplating songs that offer a story about days gone by. "Lang, Lang Ist's Her" translates into "Long, Long Time Ago" and has been a common German drinking song for generations.
  4. "Skandal im Sperrbezirk" – Spider Murphy Gang. This is a relatively new German drinking song that has an upbeat tempo and was written by the band Spider Murphy Gang. True to German drinking song tradition, this is a story about a prostitute in Munich. The chorus invites you to jump in and sing along to this entry as one of the best German drinking songs.
  5. "Horch' Was Kommit Von Draussen Rein?" – Traditional. This traditional song tells the tale of a man and woman discussing their wedding, but the playful chorus made this one of the happiest German drinking songs to make it on to our list.
  6. "Über den Wolken" – Reinhard Mey. Reinhard Mey has written many popular German songs, and "Uber den Wolken" (translated to "Above the Clouds") wound up being a popular beer drinking song all throughout Germany.
  7. "An der Nordseekuste" – Klaus and Klaus. The traditional German oom-pah-pah beat in this song almost makes it sound like it was written hundreds of years ago. But Klaus and Klaus first introduced this German beer drinking favorite in 1985 which translates to "In the North Sea Coast".
  8. "Muss I Denn" – Traditional. This is an old-fashioned German drinking song about having to leave your loved one behind, but with the promise that you will return one day. It has an uplifting melody but the lyrics, in some spots, can cause the tears to fall into your beer.
  9. "Bier Her" – Traditional. The basic premise behind this traditional German beer drinking song is to keep the beer flowing. At one point, the lyrics mention the need for a beer being so strong that if one is not provided then the happy beer drinker may fall over.
  10. "Holzhacker Buam" – Traditional. A German beer drinking song about a young beer drinking lumberjack. It has several sing along lines that can get the whole beer hall raising their glasses in song.
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