10 Gift Giving Ideas

These 10 gift giving ideas will help you get the right gift for your friend or family member. These gift giving ideas can all be personalized to fit the recipient exactly. Gift giving can be challenging so use these suggestions to get some ideas.

  1. Give to charity. If your friend or family member is passionate about animals then contribute to their favorite charity. If they are an English teacher then you can contribute to a charity that teaches people to read. For those with a heart for kids contribute to a children’s charity. Many charities will provide you with a nice certificate when you make the donation in the recipient’s name. This kind of gift giving makes the giver and the recipient feel good.
  2. Give something handmade. A handmade piece of jewelry, a hand knit scarf, an original piece of art (even if you are the artist) are all gifts that are special. This world has gotten so fast paced that when someone takes the time to make a gift by hand it means so much more.
  3. Give tickets to an event. Concerts, theater productions, opera tickets, and seats at the symphony are great gift giving ideas. If they are a sports fan they will be thrilled with tickets to the big game. Find out which events they would be most excited about and get those tickets. No wrapping makes this gift giving easy.
  4. Give a magazine subscription. If you have someone who has everything then give them a gift of knowledge every month. Consider their interests, profession, or hobbies and choose a magazine they will be pleased to receive every month. The up side is that magazine subscriptions are inexpensive and the recipient will think of you each month when they get their magazine in the mail.
  5. Give a book. Almost everyone wishes they read more. Find out what their favorite authors or subjects are. Find a book that matches their interests; a cookbook for a cook, a book of photographs for a photographer, or a gardening book for those with a green thumb. Include a nice bookmark. If you just can’t decide, then get a gift certificate to their preferred bookstore.
  6. Give a gift of food. For a gourmet chef give them exotic spices, flavored oils, or herb plants. For those who just love to eat, make them home baked bread, cookies, or mixes to make their own goodies. A big basket of fruit make gift giving easy, is always appreciated and a healthy choice.
  7. Give a class. There are classes for writing, crafts, cooking, decorating and almost any other subject. Check out the local community colleges, gourmet food stores, art centers, or city recreation centers. Maybe a tennis lesson would be just the right gift.
  8. Give a gift of pampering. Give a simple gift of a manicure or a massage. Or go all out and get a day of beauty. Maybe your friend or family member needs a makeover complete with a haircut and makeup lesson.
  9. Give a night out on the town. If you know a stressed out couple then offer babysitting, give them a restaurant gift certificate and a pass to the movies. Giving the people you love the time to take a break and enrich their relationship is one of the best gift giving ideas.
  10. Give music. Depending on the person you are buying for you can get them a gift certificate for music downloads, a CD, or even an original vinyl album. You can even make a CD of their favorite songs. This can be a really personal kind of gift giving.



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