10 Gift Ideas For The Boss

If you are having trouble finding the perfect gift, here are 10 gift ideas for the boss. It is important that you put thought and effort into finding your boss a great gift. Whether it is Christmas or your his birthday, any and all of these gifts would be perfect to get your boss.

  1. Cigars. If your boss is the type of person who smokes cigars, buying him some cigars would be a great gift idea. Make sure you buy good cigars from a reputable cigar shop. Ask the sales person to recommend you a brand of cigar made of 100% tobacco.
  2. Alcohol. Alcohol would be a great gift for any boss who is known to drink. However, if you have never seen your boss take a drink or are unsure of whether or not he drinks, it would be best to move on to another gift idea. Try to select something  the your boss would enjoy. Fine wines are nice and usually cheap.
  3. Gift card. Does your boss have a favorite store or restaurant? If so, buy your boss a gift card to that store or restaurant. Buying your boss a gift card will allow him to buy something they really want instead of you buying your boss something that he will only pretend to like.
  4. Tempur-Pedic brand slippers. Tempur-Pedic brand slippers are very comfortable and well known slippers. If your boss enjoys luxury and comfort, these slippers would be the perfect gift to get.
  5. Custom made coffee mug. There are many internet sites that allow you to create and order your own custom mug. You can decorate the mug with a picture, funny phrase, inside joke, or even something such as “Worlds Best Boss.” Any boss would appreciate this gift idea.
  6. Homemade cookies. What boss would not love to receive a big basket of homemade goodies? Making the cookies yourself can save money and show your boss that you care enough about him or her to take the time to bake and prepare such a delicious gift.
  7. Book. Does your boss have a hobby or special interest? If so, buy him a book pertaining to that hobby or special interest. Your boss will really enjoy this gift idea.
  8. Desk calendar. There are many calendars out there to choose from. You may even want to think about finding a matching desk calendar and day planner set. Your boss will always have access to his or her meetings and schedule no matter where they might be.
  9. Tickets to a sports game, concert, or show. If your boss is a sports, music, or performing arts fan, purchase two tickets for them. Buy two tickets so that your boss can take their significant other, close friend or even you along. Having someone to enjoy the experience with can only enhance your boss’ time.
  10. MP4 player. Everyone loves music so your boss will surely enjoy the gift of an MP4 player. If your boss does not already have one, get your boss an MP4 player such as an iPod or Zune so that he or she can listen to music on the go.
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