10 Gift Ideas For Brothers

These 10 gift ideas for brothers will be extremely appreciated, without making you feel ridiculously sappy. The list contains something for everyone, within many price ranges.

  1. Collectable sports memorabilia. You probably know your brother’s favorite sports team or player. Search the Internet for a piece of unique memorabilia from that player. This great gift is one that will not only inspire awe, but also accrue value as it sits on your brother’s shelf.
  2. Certificate to a clothing store. He probably needs something, right? This gift is perfect for the guy who you can’t think of one single thing he needs. With it sitting in his wallet he’ll be able to use it whenever he pleases, on whatever he likes. This brotherly gift is great for those just about to start a new job.
  3. Small video camera. They’re all the rage, and it’s no wonder why. Lightweight, modern looking and easy to use, video cameras are now smaller than most cell phones. Pick up one of these gifts and record a silly message on it for your brother, just don’t be surprised when it pops up on the Internet. A small video camera is a great gift for your brother who always seems to be out on the town.
  4. iPod mileage tracker. Perfect for the athletic brother, this gift tracks how far he runs and then downloads it to iTunes. Don’t worry; he won’t think you’re trying to tell him he’s overweight.
  5. Electric powered corkscrew and bottle of wine. This amazing gadget is anything but feminine. A gift for the savvy brother, this is one he won’t hesitate to pull out of the drawer and show off. Think it’s maybe too feminine of a gift for your brother? Remind him that most women drink wine, bro.
  6. Tickets to a sports game. Treat him to a day out that he’ll always remember. Many times the best gifts aren’t tangible, well, except for being in ticket form. Order tickets to a great game for his favorite team, and possibly even insist on being his date. This great gift can lead to tons of memories.
  7. A year of beer. Beer. Monthly. Delivered. It’s pretty self explanatory why this is an awesome gift.
  8. Dinner out for him and his girlfriend. Girls are expensive. Let him gather all the glory without hitting up his wallet. Pick a nice restaurant and make sure the certificate can pay for both recipients to eat and drink.
  9. A gift he didn’t give. Your little brother will thank you when you tell him that, this holiday season, his shopping is done. Add his name to the gifts you purchase and let him forget about the hated chore of shopping. This is one gift that he’ll smile about in future years.  
  10. Give him a statement. If your brother has a funny word or saying, a great gift can be putting on his chest for all to see. Jump online and find a design-your-own-T-shirt store. As long as it's not vulgar, it's pretty much guaranteed that this Christmas gift will never sit long inside a drawer.
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