10 Gift Ideas For Co-Workers

Are you searching for 10 gift ideas for co-workers? Well, this article might just be helpful to you. When you work along side of other co-workers, you tend to get to know more than you would like about your co-workers. When it rolls around to Christmas or a birthday, you may feel like you need to give your co-workers a gift. The trouble always seems to be what to get your co-workers as gifts. This article will provide 10 gift ideas for your co-workers, so all you have to do is go shopping!

  1. Personalized Mugs and Cups are a great gift to give your co-workers. It shouldn't be too expensive, not even over 20 bucks to buy a cheap mug or cup. Go to your local printing shop and have their name, a funny expression, or just a funny picture printed onto the mug as a gift. It's a thoughtful easy going gift for any co-worker.
  2. Pen Sets are another trendy gift for co-workers. Everyone needs a good writing pen, and what better gift to give someone who steals yours! You can buy average priced pen sets and have them personalized or keep them as you bought them. It's a nice gift to give, especially when you don't know much about your co-worker.
  3. A gift card to your co-worker's favorite restaurant is always a nice gift. If you aren't too sure what you should get for someone in your office, try getting a 10, 20 or 30 dollar gift card to a restaurant that you have noticed your co-worker eating at a lot. It's a stubble nice gift that can be used anytime!
  4. A nice desk plant or plant for the home. Traditionally, house plants and desk plants are given to people for good luck. This is a perfect gift for any co-worker no matter the sex or age of your co-worker. A simple Lucky Bamboo plant is always a nice gift for anyone to enjoy.
  5. Try gifting your co-worker with a book. Books make lovely gifts for co-workers. Many people always consider that their co-worker might not like the subject, this is why you should find a book that agrees with everyone. Try finding a book such as a world record book, photography book, or a book of recipes.
  6. Consider novelty gifts for your co-workers. Try not to get something too funny or obscene, but many times it's a great idea to get a novelty item such as a slap-stick bobble head, or a fart cushion. It's the smile on their face that will let you know they appreciate the gift.
  7. Mini-globes, snow globes, and other desktop weights make great gifts for co-workers. If you are stumped on what to get your co-worker, try finding a worldly mini-globe, a cute snow globes or any other type of paper weight they might use on their desk.
  8. Go with a gift for co-workers to enjoy, such as a movie or Itunes additions. If you know your co-worker has an iPod, give them a gift card for free music or a gift card for amazon so that they can buy whichever movie they prefer. It's a fun gift that your co-workers can use after a hard day's work.
  9. Gloves, hats, and a scarf always make a great gift for co-workers. Not everyone thinks of practical gifts for co-workers such as a set of gloves, a hat or a scarf but it might brighten them up a bit. You know this is a gift that they can actually use in their daily life and takes the issue of buying them for themselves off their hands.
  10. Candy always makes a great gift for co-workers. If all else fails to seem like a gift idea for your co-workers, nothing can make people happy like sugar. You can spread the love around with a simple set of candy for your co-worker.
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