10 Gift Ideas For Doctors

These 10 gift ideas for doctors will be appreciated by even the busiest physician. The following gifts are thoughtful, useful or luxurious. Any one of these gifts for doctors will make you a hero in their eyes.

  1. Silver pen. A nice, thin pen is a necessity for any physician. These pens are available at most jewelry stores for a surprisingly low cost. Some pens can come etched with doctor-related themes or can be monogrammed with the physician’s initials. This great gift for a doctor will be one that is used time and again.
  2. A massage. Doctors spend all day on their feet focusing on other people’s illnesses and injuries. Give the doctor in your life the special gift of an hour massage. This relaxing gift is perfect for busy doctors.
  3. A single cup coffee maker. These machines are a godsend for the busy, tired doctor. By making one cup of coffee at a time, doctors no longer need to reheat chilled or stale coffee. Make sure to add in a gift certificate for the special coffee pods these machines require.
  4. A handheld computer. The year’s biggest technological release, these handheld computers can be used for anything from word processing to reading books. While a more expensive gift, they prove their value by the smile that will grace the recipient’s face. A handheld computer is the perfect gift for a doctor.
  5. Personal trainer sessions. Most physicians are regular attendees at their gym. If you know where your doctor exercises, a gift certificate for a personal training session will be greatly appreciated. This session will teach the gym-rat ways to keep himself healthy, making it a great gift for physicians.
  6. A professional shave. Recently, men have begun paying more attention to their skin. Included in this consideration is the method and materials used to shave. Getting the doctor in your life a soothing professional shave permits him to relax and look his best. This gift is also rather inexpensive, making it a great holiday gift for a doctor.
  7. DVDs of a comedy TV show. Contrary to popular belief, not all doctors prefer to watch TV shows about other doctors. Gift the physician in your life a set of DVDs for a comedy television show. It’s best if each show is less than a half hour because after hectic days, very few doctors want to spend several hours watching TV. These DVDs are a wonderful gift for doctors.
  8. A gift certificate for a shoe store. Because doctors are on their feet all day, comfortable shoes are a must-have. Purchase a gift certificate at the store where the physician shops. Allowing him to pick out the shoes he wants without having to pay for them is a great gift for a doctor.
  9. Expensive hand lotion. A doctor’s livelihood depends on their hands. Expensive hand lotion that is not greasy will allow the doctor to keep his hands in tip top shape. A lotion that is also antibacterial is an extra bonus. This is a great gift for physicians and one that can be combined with other gifts.
  10. Digital picture frame. Because most doctors have limited desk space, an electric photo frame allows them to display many photos at once without consuming needed work space. To make the gift extra special, upload special photos prior to gifting it. A digital frame is a thoughtful gift for doctors.
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