10 Gift Ideas For Elderly

Finding gift ideas for the elderly requires some research, but these 10 gift ideas for the elderly offer some suggestions for you. Seniors experience problems with vision, hearing and circulation and these gift ideas provide comfort, practicality and score high for seniors.

  1. Large Print Books. Seniors enjoy many hobbies and reading is one of them. Buying a large print book for the elderly person in your life really shows you care.
  2. Audio Books. Audio Books entertain an elderly person who might not enjoy reading. The elderly person in your life might like listening to stories as an alternative to watching television.
  3. Warming Slippers. Warming slippers provide a nice bit of comfort for the elderly who often experience feeling cold. This gift idea provides a soothing scent that adds even more enjoyment.
  4. Bed Warmer. Bed warmers slip underneath the sheets and provide evenly distributed heat throughout the body. This gift idea offers relief from stiff joints and arthritis.
  5. Clothing with Velcro. Due to the high incidences of arthritis among seniors, buying clothing with Velcro is extra special because seniors often develop arthritis, which makes applying pressure to the fingertips difficult and painful when dressing.
  6. Foot Cream. Foot cream relieves sore feet and feels luxurious on tired feet. Gift ideas like creams and lotions are guilty pleasures that some seniors love.
  7. Sound Amplifier. A sound amplifier raises the volume of television programs or someone’s voice to a level that is crystal clear. This is a great gift idea for some seniors that experience hearing problems.
  8. Music. Music offers a sense of nostalgia. Music benefits seniors because it reminds them of happier times and puts a big smile on their face.
  9. Foot Massager. A foot massager offers therapeutic comfort to tired feet. Seniors love this gift idea because they have a small part of the spa at home.
  10. Support Hosiery. Support hosiery aids in circulation and provides comfort from swelling that develops from fluid retention.
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