10 Gift Ideas For Girls

If you have a girl on your shopping list, check out these 10 gift ideas for girls. Depending on how old the girl in question is, choosing the right gift can be difficult. Here are ten gift ideas that almost any girl will like.

  1. Electronics Girls of every age enjoy electronics just as much as boys. Popular electronic gift items include iPods, laptops and televisions. Before you buy a girl an electronic gift, make sure she doesn't have it first.
  2. Perfume Perfume can be a difficult gift item. You can't buy just any perfume for a girl. If you want to get a girl perfume, make sure it is one she already wears or one she has mentioned.
  3. Hobbies Think about what hobbies the girl on your shopping list is into. If she is an avid reader, for example, you could get her a gift certificate to her favorite bookstore. You could also get her a book by her favorite author.
  4. Sporting Goods If you need a gift for a girl who plays sports, you could get her something related to her sport of choice. For example, maybe she needs a new soccer ball. Maybe she would appreciate a membership at your local rock gym.
  5. Jewelry Jewelry can be another tricky gift to get a girl. You should only buy jewelry for a girl if you know her very well and you know what she likes. Some girls don't even like jewelry. When in doubt, go for simplicity.
  6. Clothing Most girls appreciate clothing as a gift. Just make sure you include a gift receipt. It is also important to know what size she wears.
  7. Concert Tickets Concert tickets are a great gift idea if you know which bands the girl on your list likes. There are easy ways to subtly find this information, if you don't already know. Check out her playlists or ask her friends.
  8. Gift Card Gift cards are great gift ideas if you don't like to shop or you are short on time. Gift cards are also appropriate for girls you don't know very well. Try to find out where she likes to shop and get a gift card to that store.
  9. DVDs If you need to get a gift for a girl who likes movies or television shows, consider DVDs. You could buy the girl on your list the complete television season or series. If she is younger, you could buy something like "Hanna Montana."
  10. Purses You can get the girl on your list a purse if you know her well enough to know what she likes. If you don't want to spend that much money, you could get her a wallet instead. Coach is a popular brand.
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