10 Gift Ideas For Grandparents

Choose something off of the list of 10 gift ideas for grandparents and win points with grandma and grandpa!

  1. Photo Family Tree: Buy this creative photo frame to show off the family. It is shaped like a tree and has a bunch of small frames hanging off, allowing you to showcase the family lines. It is a fun gift to give and put together!
  2. Breakfast of the Month Club: Give your grandparents the gift of breakfast with this club membership, which will deliver them a breakfast every month with samplings of delectable delights.
  3. Grandparents Memory Journal: Let grandma and grandpa fill it out together with their grandkids, or let them leave it as a surprise for the children to discover.
  4. Personalized Calendar: Create a special calendar filled with twelve family photos to remind them of their little ones with each day that passes.
  5. Quilt Making Kit: Give grandma everything she needed to handmake a quilt that will last for years to come.
  6. Engraved Charm Jewelry: Give a bracelet or necklace with charms with the names of kids and grandkids engraved on it. It is a memory she can wear!
  7. Ice Cream Bowls: Get grandma and grandpa personalized matching ice cream bowls so they can have a sweet ending to everyday.
  8. Handprint: Buy a handprint making kit at a local craft store, and have your children make a handprint. Write the name of the child, the age the child was when the handprint was made, and the date the handprint was made. Let it dry, and wrap it up as a gift for the grandparents.
  9. Slippers: Buy grandma and grandpa slippers to match the grandchildren-so everyone cane have cozy feet during movie nights!
  10. Coupon Book: A coupon book is a classic gift. Have the children make coupons for things such as a movie of grandpa’s choice, baking cookies with grandma, and other activities that both the grandchildren and the grandparents would love to do! Have the children bind the coupons together and give the book as a gift!

Show your grandparents some love this season!

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