10 Gift Ideas For Sister

If you've got an upcoming birthday or holiday coming up, these 10 gift ideas for your sister will make sure you get her a present she'll find worthwhile. Are you looking for a great present for your sister, but have no idea where to start? Finding a great gift for your sister doesn't have to be hard.

  1. Personalized M&Ms. Is your sister a chocolate lover? Surprise her with personalized M&Ms. You pick and choose what kind of M&Ms you want, the color, the message and how many you'd like. You can even have pictures printed onto the M&M's. Prices start at $4.00.
  2. iPod. If your sister loves music, the iPod is the perfect gift for her. There are many varieties of the iPod to choose from. From the iPod nano to the iPod touch Apple offers music and technology lovers great gifts. The iPod comes in almost every color of the rainbow, be sure to pick your sister's favorite color. Price start at $30.00 dollars.
  3. Movie Theater Gift Cards. If your sister is a movie buff, movie theater gift cards make the perfect gift. Most gift cards start at $10 dollars, but some allow you to choose your own price. Your sister will love you for getting her into Hollywood blockbusters.
  4. Spa Gift Certificates. Most girls love to be pampered and feel like a princess. Stop by a local well reviewed spa to pick a certificate of your choice. Visiting the spa, the receptionist can help you pick the best spa certificate for your sister.
  5. Starbucks Gift Cards. Does your sister need her daily cup of Starbucks to survive? A Starbucks gift card is perfect for the Java lover. Starbuck offers load able gift cards in any domination of your choice.
  6. Weekend by Burberry. If you sister loves all things chic, British, and posh Burberry is the perfect brand for her. The Weekend by Burberry perfume for women has a lovely airy scent perfect for a daytime fragrance. Prices start at $28 dollars for 1 ounce.
  7. Ticketmaster Gift Card. The Ticketmaster gift card is a great gift for those who love going to concerts. This gift works well because it allows your sister to buy tickets to her favorite artist concert.
  8. Sephora Gift Card. Sephora is known as the best beauty store in the world with a cult following. If you sister loves make up and all things beauty, you can go wrong with a gift card to Sephora.
  9. Weekend Bonding Trip. If you and your sister enjoy spending time together, you could surprise her with a weekend trip to a near by location or splurge for a weekend in Mexico. Rent a hotel room, and hit the city of your choice to explore and create great sibling memories.
  10. French Travel Treasures by L'Occitane. This to go beauty kit is perfect for the sister who is always on the road. The kit is TSA approved to pack in your carry on, and small enough to save space in your suitcase. L'Occitane has great products with natural ingredients to help nourish your skin without harsh chemicals. This product retails for $ 44 dollars.
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