10 Gish Cheats

Ranging from borderline useless to extremely useful, these 10 Gish cheats will add new life to the game. Be it a warp area or a simple unlock, these cheats will sooth even the mightiest nerd's need for game alteration. Do not get discouraged if “Gish” dominates you into tears, for these cheats will help even the most completely inept!

  1. Level Select!  Replay those fun levels and skip the garbage! A staple code in most games worth replaying. Beating "Gish" on normal difficulty or higher will unlock this.
  2. Ludicrous Mode! Feeling masochistic? Try out this ridiculously hard mode! Beating "Gish" on hard difficulty will unlock this mode.
  3. Super Fat Gish! Ever want to be an even fatter ball of black goo? Who hasn't! Type in the password "supersizeme".
  4. Mini Mode! What does this one do? Who knows! Beat "Gish" on ludicrous mode to unlock this. Good luck with that one.
  5. New Versus Levels! Who wouldn't want more versus levels? Beating "Gish" on normal difficulty or higher will unlock this.
  6. New Versus Mode! This unlocks the collection mode in versus play! Bring a friend! Don't have any? Play as the second player as well! Beat "Gish" on hard to unlock this mode.
  7. Turbo Mode! Find the game to be too slow? When the main menu says "Presented By…", press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, space.
  8. Satan's Lair Warp! Hanging out with Satan? Whatever floats your boat. Beat the isle of the dead to unlock this warp.
  9. Pac-Man Warp! Black goo ball meets yellow cheese wheel. In level 4-4, break the wall under the first ledge right before the falling pillars section. Keep going until you hit the warp.
  10. Mario 1-2 Warp! Mario? In my Gish? Awesome. On level 1-3, look for the spikes to the left of the first hanging platform. Blast those bad boys into rubble and keep going to the Mario warp!
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