10 Good Bass Rap Songs

If you like your beats and rhymes to make your speakers beg for mercy, then you need these 10 good bass rap songs. Hip Hop is a genre with a very diverse range of production styles, but the heart-pounding sound of bass creates a hypnotic reaction when heard. Let these 10 good bass rap songs put your stereo system to the test and your body into rhythmic hysteria.

  1. Black Rob – "Whoa" This rap song has an enormous amount of bass and it's title really is fitting. This bold, infectious hip-hop classic is a clear winner for best bass in rap music.
  2. Shyne – "Bad Boys" P-Diddy's Bad Boy record label wins the number one, and two slots for rap songs with bass with this strong dance hall influenced club banger. His voice may remind you of another bad Boy artist, the late Notorious B.I.G., but Shyne does just that with his charisma and strong personality.
  3. Outkast – "B.O.B." These two hip-hop ambassadors of Atlanta Georgia bring forth production that contains bass with machine gun intensity. This fast-paced bass-fest will make it impossible to sit still.
  4. Dead Prez – "Hip Hop" Dead Prez also wake up the dead with incredible bolts of bass blasting through the sizzling production the helps heat up the lyrical flames they blurt out. This is one of the few great mergers of the East Coast and Southern hip-hop styles into a cohesive song that comes across as a natural blend.
  5. Nas – "One Mic" Nas is one of the greatest hip-hop lyricists to manipulate a mic, and this song proves he only needs one to get the job done. You can feel the bass inside you as it creates a thunder storm of sound in this legendary rap song.
  6. LL Cool J – "Boomin' System" LL Cool J's title says it all. If you need a rap song with bass for your own booming' system, get familiar with this gem from Cool J's back catalog.
  7. Dr. Dre – "Still Dre" Dr. Dre brings his incredible production prowess to this solid rap song. Abrasive bass cracks through the beat like a child's baseball through a neighbor's window.
  8. Kid Cudi – "Day and Night" This dance floor classic has bass that jumps, leaps, bounces, and jolts towards your body with contagious enthusiasm. Cudi's breakthrough rap song utilizes bass as a powerful element in building this phenomenal rhythm.
  9. Eminem – "The Way I Am" Eminem's intense anthem contains head-cracking bass notes that roar like hungry lions in the jungle. This blonde wordsmith takes command over this dramatic production and gets his point across with strength.
  10. Masta Ace – "Sittin' On Chrome" This laid-back rap song has a production element reminiscent of Doctor Dre's work in the early to mid 1990's. Masta Ace is also a master of bass with this speaker-rattler.


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