10 Good Bass Songs For Car

If you can gather ten good bass songs for car, then you might never have a boring ride again. This can be especially helpful if you’re going to be in the car for a long period of time. The ten good bass songs will definitely help pass the time as you drive.

  1. “Let’s Get Retarded” by Black Eyed Peas The words to this song have been changed to be played on TV and radio. But no matter which version you choose, the bass for your car is definitely awesome.
  2.  “Lose Yourself” by Eminem When this songs starts off, you might not see the bass coming. But keep listening in your car, and you won’t be disappointed.  
  3. “Thanks for the Memories” by Fall Out Boy This band is most popular with teenage girls and most of their songs don’t offer great bass. However, this particular number will have you bumping in the car in no time.
  4. “Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes This song might actually offer the very best bass for your car. The White Stripes definitely bring it with this bass-filled number.
  5.  “Numb & Encore Remix” by Jay-Z and Linkin Park This interesting combination of artists have managed to make one good bass song. The bass starts at the beginning and continues throughout.
  6. “Easily” by Red Hot Chili Peppers This is another good bass car song that starts right out with great bass. Put it on and turn it up for a much more enjoyable driving.
  7. “Machinehead” by Bush This song's off-beat tempo and frantic style are sure to get you pumped. Put on this good song in the car for one wild ride.
  8. “The Rat” by The Walkmen There’s no stopping this good bass song for your car. Coming from an underrated band, you’ll be bumping to the bass like never before.  
  9. “Somebody Told Me” by The Killers This song takes a little while to get to the base, but once it does, it’s killer. Put it on and enjoy rocking out with some great bass in the car.
  10. “American Idiot” by Green Day Green Day has been rocking for many years now, and this good bass song will be awesome to listen to in your car. You’ll love the music, as well as the lyrics, in this highly original song.
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