10 Good Campfire Songs

Listed below are ten good campfire songs. All that you need to play them is a guitar, and of course, your voice. If you are camping out, after building the fire and after it gets dark, playing songs is an excellent activity before going to bed that will engage anyone who plays, sings or just listens. These songs are all lively and great for people who go camping. The following are ten good campfire songs.

  1. "Sweet Home Alabama," Lynyrd Skynyrd: This is the perfect song to play if you are camping in the summer. It is lively, fast paced and very engaging, and everyone around will certainly not object to listening to this classic.
  2. "Good Riddance," Green Day: This is the perfect acoustic song to play around the campfire. It is very easy to learn and very popular, making it an ideal campfire song.
  3. "Hotel California," The Eagles: Another great acoustic tune, "Hotel California" has a very original sound, and anyone around the fire will enjoy listening to this creatively-written Eagles tune.
  4. "Fire and Rain," James Taylor: This song requires nothing more than an acoustic guitar and someone with a soft voice. It has a great camping feel to it, making it one of the best songs to play for people gathered around the campfire.
  5. "The Joker," Steve Miller Band: "The Joker" is another great campfire song. It has a flowing rhythm and a unique sound. You should be able to bend strings to attempt this one.
  6. "Positively 4th Street," Bob Dylan: This Dylan song has an interesting, whining theme that will have the vocalist really using his voice. It is a popular song that has been covered by a number of artists, and it is perfect for the campfire.
  7. "Mr. Jones," Counting Crows: "Mr. Jones" is one of the catchiest tunes of the 90s. It has a great acoustic sound and easy lyrics that really draw listeners in, making it perfect for playing around the fire.
  8. "Only Want to Be with You," Hootie and the Blowfish: A very easy song to play, this is one of the most popular Hootie and the Blowfish tunes, and everyone loves to hear it.
  9. "Blowin' in the Wind," Bob Dylan: An easy acoustic song that is complimented by the use of an harmonica, "Blowin' in the Wind" has controversial lyrics that are still popular after over four decades.
  10. "Yellow Submarine," The Beatles: A very catchy and unique song, "Yellow Submarine" has very basic guitar strumming and great lyrics, making it a good campfire song.

Listed above are ten good campfire songs. None of them are too difficult to learn, and when played, each of them can really liven up the evening after the sun has gone down and the fire has been built on camping trips.

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