10 Good Date Ideas For Rainy Days

The weather doesn't always cooperate for the perfect date and ten good date ideas for rainy days is an important list to keep on hand, just in case rain ruins your plans on a special day or night. Whether the idea is good or not depends on the sense of humor and spirit of adventure of the person you're dating. Sometimes, getting rained on adds adventure to the date, but for other dates, it's best to remain inside and keep dry. 

  1. A drive in the car. Select the perfect mood music and rent a car for the occasion that hugs the road and features large windows for a view. Pick up your date for a long ride with the rain hitting the windows. It's a good date idea for quality time for talking over serious issues. Pick a route with little traffic so you can drive slowly to take in the view.  
  2. Dinner with a view of the water. A restaurant on the water or a boat cruise with dinner is a good date idea for a rainy day. Bring an over-sized golf umbrella to move between the boat and the car. 
  3. Walking in the rain. Let your date know the occasion is casual, and you provide weather coverings. Select a place where water collects and bring some large, high-topped, rubber boots to the feet keep dry, but you both can go for a stroll. Bring an oversized parka, large enough for two, and an extremely large golf umbrella. A warm summer day is a nice time to take a stroll in the water. End the date with a nice picnic under an outdoor umbrella at a table for two. 
  4. Arcade action. Buy plenty of tokens, or bring a bag of change to move between arcade machines. 
  5. Bowling. Select a bowling alley for a good date idea for rainy days that has a restaurant or serves drink and tasty food directly to the lane. Buy some flowers or an old school bowling corsage. If money is no object for the date, buy some bowling shirts with embroidered names. You're a team, so select matching shirts.
  6. Casino blackjack or poker. When the weather outside is dreary, bring your date inside where you can't tell whether it's day or night, let alone if it's raining. 
  7. Hotel lobby bar with a fireplace. This one is a natural. Pick a secluded booth that is close to the fireplace for a cool rainy day. Bring some flowers for the table and a little gift to set the mood away from the rain. 
  8. High tea in a garden gazebo or greenhouse. A nice way to experience the rain without getting wet is to stay indoors with the feeling of the outdoors. A garden gazebo or greenhouse eatery fills the bill for both qualities. Make sure you bring an umbrella for your date to enter the restaurant without getting wet, and be sure to drop your date at the door. 
  9. Sporting event. Buy two tickets tucked up under an overhang for an outdoor sporting event for an interesting date idea for rainy days. Bring two large golf umbrellas and a waterproof lap blanket for the perfect time for a causal date. Don't ruin the fun with a preview; simply take the rain in stride and head for the stadium. 
  10. Art gallery opening. It may be raining outside, but inside an art gallery, the walls are bright with art. Select a gallery with a coffee counter, wine bar or small restaurant so that after viewing the exhibit, you can move directly into the food without leaving the building to get wet. A glass gazebo coffee bar adjacent to the art gallery is a nice choice to enjoy the raindrops and stay dry. 
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