10 Good Drug Movies

Grab your vice of choice and stay entertained with this list of 10 good drug movies. There is no one way to describe these drug movies. Some of them are dark, gritty and disturbing, while others tackle the all-too-sensitive subject of addiction with a sense of humor and heart that makes them endearing no matter how rough the material may be.

  1. "24 Hour Party People" (2002). This drug movie makes us think we were born in the wrong time. This movie depicts the true story of Tony Wilson, the man who started Factory Records in 1978. This movie details all of the sex, drugs and rock and roll behind the label that signed Joy Division and James and the Happy Mondays.
  2. "Brokedown Palace" (1999). The story of two high school pals traveling in Thailand goes horribly wrong when they are tricked into smuggling drugs. This is a great drug movie because of its gritty and unflinching look at what it is like to get locked up abroad.
  3. "Go" (1999). This drug movie takes us back to college and those hazy days spent at late night raves. It is a straightforward and funny tale about a group of friends that get caught up in a drug sting. This movie also has the dubious distinction of being one of the films that brought Ecstasy into the consciousness of the mainstream.
  4. "Domino" (2005). This biopic barely does the life of model-turned-bounty hunter Domino Harvey justice, but it makes our list as a great movie about drugs because Keira Knightly is brilliant as the drug dealer-hunting, Mafia-busting bounty hunter.
  5. "Gridlock’d" (1997). This movie stars the late Tupac Shakur and the always fun Tim Roth as two junkies trying to go straight after a friend overdoses. Their pursuit of getting clean leads them to the madness of bureaucracy and the bigger hassle of running from your dealer. Being one of Tupac’s last films and a good time in general is what makes this one of the best movies out there about drugs.
  6. "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" (2004). This makes our list because anyone who has ever been stoned and had the late-night munchies can relate to the adventures of Harold and Kumar.
  7. "Trainspotting" (1996). The film that made Ewan McGregor a star also boasts some of the best depictions of what it must feel like to be on heroin and the detox process. It also has that creepy scene with the dead baby crawling on the ceiling. Being visually intriguing and tackling the tough topics of HIV and addiction with a sense of humor is what makes this a truly great drug movie.
  8. "The Man with the Golden Arm" (1955). This gritty film about struggling to stay clean is thought of as one of Frank Sinatra’s best roles. Watching Frank Sinatra try to stay clean while dealing with an ill wife and the constant siren call of the needle is gut wrenching.
  9. "Permanent Midnight" (1998). Based on the biography of comedy writer Jerry Stahl, who wrote sitcoms like “Alf” in the 1980s, this drug movie details the highs and lows of one of Hollywood’s most successful TV writers and his $6,000 per day heroin habit. This is another movie that tackles the horrors of addiction with heart and humor while never sugar-coating how bad addiction can be.
  10. "Reefer Madness" (1936 and 2005). This great drug movie makes our list because the original health film goes to great lengths to make pot seem like its going to turn you into a drooling idiot and chronic masturbator. The 2005 musical remake is a brilliant tongue-in-cheek spoof of the original health film.
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