10 Good Drum And Bass Albums

Our list of ten good drum and bass albums features a wide variety of genres, styles, musicians, and cultures of music that will keep you rocking for hours to come. While there are plenty of good drum and bass albums out there, our list of ten truly good bass and drum albums feature some of the most talented musicians in the industry. So without further ado, here’s our list of ten good drum and bass albums in no particular order.

  1. Metallica-“Master of Puppets” This killer album from heavy metal favorite Metallica features some great bass riffs by dearly departed Cliff Burton and some of Lars’ trademark drumming. “Master of Puppets” is an awesome album with plenty of awesome metal to sink your teeth into. The only thing this album lacks is filler tracks!
  2. Black Sabbath-“Heaven and Hell” Another classic from the early 80’s is Dio’s debut with the Sabbath boys. Not only are Dio’s vocals spot-on and give Sabbath a well-needed boost of energy, but the drumming and bass is superb on this also. “Heaven and Hell” is a great title track with other favorites like "Lonely is the Word."
  3. Alice in Chains-“Alice in Chains” Jumping from the early 80’s to the mid 90’s, we have grunge-favorite Alice in Chains with their third album: “Alice in Chains.” This album features the infamous three-legged dog on the cover with some killer tracks like "Frogs" and "Sludge Factory." “Alice in Chains” features some great bass riffs and excellent drumming.
  4. Rammstein-“Reise, Reise” Taking a glance to our friends in Germany, we have to consider the heavy metal favorite Rammstein. “Reise, Reise” is a great album with awesome bass riffs and great drumming. “Reise, Reise” will quickly become one of your favorites, even for our listeners use to dabbling in only English music.
  5. Ozzy Osbourne-“Blizzard of Ozz” Moving our way back into the 80’s, we have to consider the classic from the infamous Ozzy Osbourne. “Blizzard of Ozz” is a killer album known for Ozzy’s spot on vocals. But it’s also a great album with its melodic drumming and memorable riffs in songs like "Crazy Train."
  6. Led Zeppelin-“IV” "Old, but damn good” characterizes Led’s fourth studio album. After critical reception of Led Zeppelin III, “IV” is a true masterpiece. Not only does it feature some excellent bass lines and drumming, but excellent songs such as "Stairway to Heaven" and "When the Levee Breaks."
  7. Dir en Grey-“Uroboros” Moving into the 21st century, Dir en Grey’s "Uroboros" is a true master piece from the veteran musicians. Not only is it musically talented, but vocalist Kyo does an excellent job with his screaming, singing, and heart-breaking ballads. Dir en Grey will quickly become one of your favorites especially with albums like this!
  8. AC/DC-“Back in Black” Back to the 80’s one more time, we have to consider the killer rock album by reborn AC/DC. “Back in Black” is a great album with its awesome bass lines and drumming. If you haven’t heard this one, then where have you been the last thirty years!?!?
  9. Oomph!-“Monster” Taking a look to another popular German band, “Monster” is an awesome album by this super power metal band. Not only does it feature great drumming and bass, but also has spot-on vocals and memorable tracks such as "Labyrinth" and "Auf Kurs."
  10. Cradle of Filth-“Cruelty and the Beast” To finish off our list, we look at the heavy metal favorite Cradle of Filth. “Cruelty and the Beast” is arguably one of the finest albums on our list of ten good bass and drumming albums due to its heavy metal style. Each track is intricately composed and will keep you coming back for more!
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