10 Good Drum And Bass Songs

There are much more than just 10 good Drum and Bass songs, but check out these top hits we've complied. Drum and Bass (often abbreviated "DnB") is a genre of Rave that puts emphasis on quick tempos and break-beats. Drum and Bass songs emerged in the 90's originally from the U.K.  club scene with artists such as C.K. and DJ Hype. Nowadays, Drum and Bass songs generally feature between 160 and 190 beats per minute. If you'd like to hear some good Drum and Bass songs, check these out:

  1. "Killers Don't Lie" by DJ Hazard. Featuring a dark theme (like most other Drum and Bass songs), "Killers Don't Lie" is up-tempo and contemporary with many of DJ Hazard's best. You'll love this song if you love the genre.
  2. "Acoustic Cage" by Twisted Avenger. Aggressive, introverted, and full of trapped feelings, "Acoustic Cage" is a great metaphor for this song. Twisted Avenger continues to impress audiences everywhere.
  3. "Light Years" by Cybotron. A group usually known for its highly electro-oriented music, "Light Years" is still a shining example of Drum and Bass Songs. As with most other DnB, this would go great in a dark club.
  4. "Obsession" by Future Cut. "Obsession" has some amazing build ups and break downs throughout its track. The context is interesting however, and the song will definitely take you on a journey.
  5. "Refusal" by Zero Tolerance. Although this song is good on its own, you've got to give the Calibre Remix a go aswell. The bassline gets more extreme over the length of the track, and Zero Tolerance breaks it down with ease.
  6. "Walk This Land" by E Z Rollers. Ambient, soothing, yet completely out of control, "Walk This Land" is a great example of good Drum and Bass songs. Take it from us, E Z Rollers is good, but the drops in this song take them above and beyond the best.
  7. "Inner City Life" by Goldie. Some urban flaire apparently goes great with Drum and Bass songs. "Inner City Life" is an adventure in electronic dance music, to say the least. Goldie fans will also be intrigued by how different it is.
  8. "The Acid Track" by Dillinja. Dirty and full of raunchy connotations, "The Acid Track" is heavy and monstrously complex. You may be flirting with the darkstep "sub-genre" of Drum and Bass songs in this song.
  9. "Bodyrock" by Andy C. Many claim this track is a hallucinogen in audio, but that really is up to the listener. "Bodyrock" is so smooth yet so bizarre that you'll fall in love with Andy C's track right on the spot.
  10. "Rux Flava" by Sonic Beauty. If anything can get you up and hyped it's "Rux Flava" by Sonic Beauty. This DnB song does not shy away from its upper limit on Beats per Minute, nor its club-flavoring.

What's not to love about good Drum and Bass songs? With a club-vibe going in your stereo, you may never want to let those headphones go. Who knows? You might even get into electronic music someday!

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