10 Good Films To Watch After A Break Up

There are more than 10 good films to watch after a break up, however, these are certainly good movies to start with, especially if it is a particularly messy break up. Though there are so many more, anyone going through a break up should certainly look at these movies first.

  1. “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” A hilarious comedy about a famous girl breaking up with her not-so-famous boyfriend, it tells the story of how the boy’s friends help him cope.
  2. “High Fidelity.” A movie about why some relationships end and how the main character discovers how to change this streak of failed boyfriends.
  3. “Lars and the Real Girl.” A funny movie about an awkward man and how he is not able to deal with members of the opposite sex.
  4. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” A thinker’s movie about two lovers taking an experimental drug to help them forget their bad relationship past.
  5. “Love Actually.”A movie all about restoring people’s faith in relationships and love in its purist form.
  6. “A Lot like Love.” A funny movie about a star-struck man that always shows up to the love of his life a little too late.
  7.  “August Rush.” A stunningly audio movie about how true love can make its way back to you in the strangest way.
  8. “Notting Hill.”A movie about an average man falling in love with a famous woman and how he deals with their lapse in social status.
  9. “The Mirror has Two Faces.” A story about “passionless” love and how it is not possible to have a true relationship without passion along with love.
  10. “The Sweetest Thing.” A movie about a woman that doesn’t know who or what she wants in a relationship and goes through many disheartening break ups.

Though there are many others, these movies are very good to start with for anyone going through a messy break up.

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