10 Good First Date Movies

These 10 good first date movies need to be interesting to both guys and girls. There should be just enough romance in it to make the female melt and enough entertainment to keep the guy interested. It is hard to find the perfect mix, but these movies should do the trick.

  1. “Say Anything” – John Cusack stars in this romantic comedy, a movie that remains one of the good first date movies. Directed by Cameron Crowe, Cusack plays a guy that most men can relate to, and the romantic relationships will have any girl begging for more.
  2. “Jerry Maguire” – Another Cameron Crowe directed movie, this is one of the good first date movies. For the girls, there is Renee Zellwegger and her cute kid; and for the guys, there is Cuba Gooding Jr. and football action. There are cheesy one-liners but they are offset by real NFL players.
  3. “When Harry Met Sally” – In probably the girliest movie on this list, this is still one of the good first date movies. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan play two friends who eventually fall in love. What makes this interesting for guys is the great dialogue, which is not sappy but always entertaining.
  4. “High Fidelity” – John Cusack looks at the biggest breakups in his life in one of the really good first date movies. While watching a movie about breakups seems counterproductive for first dates, this is more about moving forward with new relationships. It also features an amazing soundtrack.
  5. “Out of Sight” – George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez star in this thriller that is one of the good first date movies. The sex appeal in this crackles and the action is fast and furious. While females can watch the relationship between the leads build, guys get gunfights.
  6. “The Princess Bride” – A farmhand sets out to make enough money to come back and marry his sweetheart. This movie is a fantasy that remains funny and relevant years later. Princess Buttercup is kidnapped by three men, one of which is Andre the Giant while the other is looking for the man who killed his father.
  7. “The Wedding Singer” – This Adam Sandler romantic comedy is one of the good first date movies. The movie is very funny, taking place in the ‘80s, with lots of jokes for anyone who was around then. It features a sweet love story for the girls and Adam Sandler jokes for the guys.
  8. “Grosse Point Blank” – John Cusack is a hit-man who travels to a small town for a hit and finds that his high school reunion is there as well in this one good first date movie. The movie features a good romance with Minnie Driver and hit-man mafia action for the guys.
  9. “There’s Something About Mary” – Not all movies need to include sweet romances and this R-rated comedy remains one of the good first date movies, with more raunch than romance. Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller are hilarious, and Brett Favre even makes an appearance.
  10. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” – One of the most popular teen movies of the ‘80s is also one of the good first date movies over twenty years later. Matthew Broderick is a slacker who decides to skip school one day. He and his friends end up in crazy situations along the way, entertaining males and females alike.


Say Anything

Jerry Maguire

When Harry Met Sally

High Fidelity

Out of Sight

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