10 Good Goodbye Songs Of The 90’s

Here are 10 good goodbye songs of the 90's. Many of these are still heard and sung today. Most of the singers are still performing today to audiences who appreciate their talent even after all these years. Since "goodbye" is a far too frequent occurrence, listeners gravitate toward songs that express their feelings whether they are saying goodbye to a spouse, lover, parent, or job. 

  1. "A Picture of Me (Without You)" was a classic George Jones song that Lorrie Morgan covered in 1991. Both song versions are still popular. This is a good goodbye song because it basically makes a person aware of the knowledge that you don't know the happiness you have until it's gone. 
  2. "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day was written as a break-up song. But it got most of its fame from the 1998 last Seinfeld television episode. This goodbye song is good because of its stronger sentiment of "good riddance". 
  3. "One" by the Irish rock band U2 is one of the all time greatest songs. With lyrics by the band's lead singer Bono, this song was released in 1992 with the proceeds going towards AIDS research. It was the third single from their album "Achtung Baby". It has been played by U2 at each of their concerts and has also been in many of the band's concert films.
  4. "A Lesson in Leavin", originally sung by Dottie West, was again released by Jo Dee Messina in 1999 . The story of the song is that women are drawn to this type of "leaving kind" man and think they can change him. But, once he is gone, they hope he will get a taste of his own medicine somewhere down the road. It is a warning that he will suffer in the future for bidding you goodbye.
  5. "How Can I Help You Say Goodbye" was released by country singer Patty Loveless in 1994  It was in her sixth career album, "Only What I Feel",  which was certified gold. The song was  nominated at the 1995 Grammy Awards for Best Country Song and Best Female Country Vocal Performance.
  6. "I Saw The Light" was performed by Wynonna in 1992 as part of her debut album.  She sings of seeing her lover romancing another woman as she peeks through his windows and then tells him that she is leaving him. A good goodbye is needed under this type of circumstance.
  7. "Goodbye Says It All" is by country music band Black Hawk. It was their first single from their debut album released in 1994. It relates coming home finding every light on in the house and a big lipstick "goodbye" written on the wall. This song was a huge hit and became one of their many classics.
  8. "Farewell To You" was the final song by White Lion before they disbanded in 1991. This ballad says a good farewell to being on the road and tells of their experiences.
  9. "Closing Time" was a 1998 pop, rock song and one of the most popular by Semisonic. A book by the band's drummer, "So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star", says that the song was partly written describing the anxious state of the band during the opening of band member Dan Wilson's bar, the Rehab Lounge, which later closed in 2008. It is sad to have to say goodbye to a business.
  10. "Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind" was a 1994 song by Confederate Railroad from their album "Notorious" that was certified platinum. The narrator's Dad was a hard working man who did not believe in having debts. It says goodbye to that dad who has passed away.

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