10 Good Horror Movies To Watch When Bored

When the hands of the clock just aren't moving fast enough, pound your disinterest into submission with these 10 good horror movies to watch when bored. Sharpen your machete and rev up that chainsaw because these films are guaranteed to get your heart pounding and blood racing. 
  1. "A Nightmare on Elm Street" There isn't a single film better qualified to keep a viewer awake than Wes Craven's original 1984 masterpiece. Slash boredom to bits with the story of Freddy Krueger–a serial killer who haunts the teenagers of Springwood in their dreams. The innovative special effects still hold up and it has a much darker tone than its increasingly silly sequels.
  2. "The Exorcist" Based on William Peter Blatty's popular novel, "The Exorcist" is widely regarded as one of the scariest movies of all time. Watching a little girl suffer demonic possession is shocking and unnerving. The power of Christ compels you… to revisit this film.
  3. "Night of the Living Dead" When director George Romero and a few of his friends made this ultra low-budget film about the dead returning to life, they had no idea they were giving birth to the modern interpretation of the zombie and forever changing the horror movie landscape. The stark cinematography and unconventional approach to the material make "Night of the Living Dead" almost as eerie and unsettling now as it was upon its release in 1969.
  4. "Jaws" The production of Steven Spielberg's second major studio film was so plagued with problems, it's a miracle it was finished at all. Shooting around the mechanical shark's shortcomings ultimately made for a much scarier and suspenseful final product that's still one of the legendary director's best movies. 
  5. "The Shining" Although dramatically different from Stephen King's novel, Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation is a horror movie classic in its own right. The tension rises steadily and slowly, as does an impending sense of dread. By the time the third act kicks into gear, you'll be on the edge of your seat.
  6. "Halloween" John Carpenter's seminal horror movie may not have been the first slasher film, but it certainly did more to define the genre than any of its predecessors. The premise is straightforward, the characters are archetypes and the score is minimal. Yet somehow, that simplicity only serves to make "Halloween" that much more iconic. 
  7. "The Ring" One of the few American horror remakes that actually worked, Gore Verbinski's version of "The Ring" is visually stunning and unfathomably creepy. The film puts a strangle hold on its audience and holds them captive until its brutal and surprising final moments. Naomi Watts stars as a journalist trying to get to the bottom of an urban legend about a videotape with the power to kill anyone who watches it. Astonishingly atmospheric, "The Ring" may not have the power to take your life, but it will kill your boredom. 
  8. "Hellraiser" Clive Barker's gory and evocative 1987 release introduced audiences to Pinhead and the other disfigured cenobites. Sensual one moment and horrifying the next, it's impossible to ignore Barker's fascination with pain and pleasure. The sexual undertones make "Hellraiser" all the more resonant and unsettling.
  9. "The Descent" Claustrophobic and unpredictable, Neil Marshall's 2005 horror film is already incredibly tense and scary before its big reveal. After finding out what the movie's really about, things go from bad to worse and a desperate story of survival turns into a nightmarish free for all. Slick, original and ghoulishly effective, "The Descent" is a must-see for any horror movie fan.
  10. "Let the Right One In" Remarkably understated and visually desolate, this Swedish horror film is a refreshingly original take on the vampire mythos. The story of a bullied boy and his mysterious new friend, "Let the Right One In" isn't a film that's loaded with cheap scares and buckets of blood. It works by getting you completely invested in its characters so that when the few moments of violence do occur, there's an emotional weight to everything that happens. There's no better cure for boredom than checking out a horror movie that slipped under the radar.
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