10 Good Movies To Watch After A Break Up

Looking for 10 good movies to watch after a breakup? Nothing makes you feel better about your own personal love life than to watch on-screen couples fall apart. They say laughter is the best medicine and many of the movies on this list are very funny. So, stop sulking around, pop in one of these fine break up movies and prepare to forget about your issues for awhile!

  1. "The Break-Up" This is such a realistic movie for everyone. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have such a great on-screen chemistry. After these two break up, they still remain roommates while they try to the other miserable enough to move out. In the process, they try to make each other jealous and end up learning they truly miss what they had.
  2. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" Sarah Marshall is a big hit on TV and her boyfriend, Peter, is the lonely music editor on her big screen hit. When Sarah discovers she wants to live life again, she breaks up with Peter for a British punk rocker. Sarah and her new boyfriend go on a romantic getaway, while Peter goes on vacation to think, but they end up on the same little island together.
  3. "High Fidelity" This movie is a dark humored love story of sorts. John Cusack plays Rob Gordon who just broke off another relationship yet again. He starts to wonder what keeps going wrong in his relationships, so he goes back through all previous relationships to find out what keeps going wrong. It's a very dark comedy about love and life.
  4. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet play an on-screen couple who break up. When the breakup becomes too painful for both of them, they try a new medical treatment which will actually erase selected memories. Both of these stars shine on the big screen in this intense unique breakup movie.
  5. "Better Off Dead" This is another John Cusack movie, which is a very dark comedy about love and life. After Lane's girlfriend breaks up with him for the new jock at school and Lane doesn't make the school's elite hockey team, he starts to wonder what living is for. This is not only a great movie for a break up, but it's also a reminder of those awful teen years.
  6. "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" While Tyler Perry is a normally very funny screenwriter, this movie is somewhat of a dark comedy with a light sense of humor. After Helen discovers her husband had an affair, she becomes very depressed and disturbed. Her estranged husband mentally abuses her while she is dealing with the issues in their relationship, she finally decides to get even.
  7. "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" This is a very funny depiction of what happens when you scorn a woman who is also a superhero who can kick your ass. Uma Thurman plays the ex-girlfriend superhero and has lots of action planned her for ex.
  8. "Bridget Jones's Diary" This is a a great breakup movies for the ages. Bridget Jones isn't fat, but she isn't thin either. She isn't beautiful or a supermodel, but she's very funny. Bridget falls in love finally, only to have her heart ripped out over and over again. She gets tired of the dating life and does things her way. It's a very funny depiction of a single lady.
  9. "Gone With the Wind" Yes, this movie is a very long movie, but it's one of the best in the history of film. Confused and lovable Scarlett wouldn't know true love if it bit her on the butt. While she is completely in love with Ashley, Rhett Butler adores Scarlett and she won't pay him attention. This movie isn't only about the South, but about learning to find true love.
  10. "Closer" This movie has an all-star cast and the acting is amazing in this breakup film. There are four people, two couples and lines that are crossed on each side. The dialog is smart, witty and very intense. This is definitely a breakup movie worth checking out.
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