10 Good Movies To Watch At A Formal After Party

When looking for the ten good movie to watch at a formal after party, you’ll want to find something that is both light-hearted and somewhat sophisticated. You don’t want to overwhelm your guests with anything too heavy or violent, but you don’t want to bore them to tears, either. Finding a good balance is key.

  1. "Sex and the City." When you can’t think of anything else, the “Sex and the City” movie is always a good movie to watch at a formal after party. After all, who doesn’t like “Sex and the City”?
  2. "A Foreign Affair." A classic movie starring Marlene Dietrich set in Berlin after the Second World War, it has an engrossing storyline that will captivate your audience while simultaneously provoking discussion on important political and social issues.
  3. "Breathless." This classic film from French director Jean-Luc Godard is a good movie to watch at a formal after party for the simple reason that it will show the other guests how sophisticated your tastes are.
  4. "On the Waterfront." This 1950s classic starring Marlon Brando is simply a crowd-pleaser, from beginning till end.
  5. "Life is Beautiful." At first, it doesn’t seem like a very good movie to watch at a formal after party, since it’s about the Holocaust. It is, however, a light-hearted comedy about finding the joy and beauty in desperate, horrible situations. For this reason, it’s actually uplifting and the type of film that will put all of your guests in a good mood.
  6. "Rocky Horror Picture Show." Lighten things up a bit by doing the time warp again!
  7. "Annie Hall." Really, any Woody Allen flick is a good movie to watch at a formal after party, but this one is our all time favorite.
  8. "The Age of Innocence." This is Martin Scorsese’s classic film based on Edith Wharton’s novel about big wigs in 19th century New York.
  9. "Lost in Translation." Put your guests in a romantic mood with this famous film from Sofia Coppola. Well, okay, any movie with Bill Murray is a good movie to watch at a formal after party!
  10. "American Graffiti." Re-visit the good old days with this Francis Ford Coppola classic of Americana.



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