10 Good Music Lyrics For Facebook Status

Looking for 10 Good Music Lyrics for Facebook Status? The Facebook status bar allows people to share brief thoughts, ideas or quotes with all their friends and viewers. Posting music lyrics into the Facebook status is a popular method that people use for getting across their different moods, thoughts or just to share something that they enjoy. Here are some good music lyrics for Facebook status to get you started.

  1. "The Catalyst" by Linkin Park. Linkin Park's release, "The Catalyst," has a great line that really shines if you're looking for good music lyrics for Facebook status: "God bless us everyone.  We're a broken people living under a loaded gun."
  2. "My Chick Bad" by Ludacris. If you're looking for good music lyrics for Facebook status and want to tell the world about your girlfriend (and win some extra points with her), you can try Ludacris' popular "My Chick Bad." One particularly good line goes, "My chick bad. My chick hood. My chick do stuff dat ya chick wish she could."
  3. "Love the Way You Lie" by Eminem (feat. Rihanna). Popular songs are always good for pulling good music lyrics for Facebook status and this latest release from Eminem and Rihanna is no exception. A powerful message to send out to others is, "You don't get another chance, Life is no Nintendo game!"
  4. "Cooler Than Me" by Mike Posner. Have someone that needs knocked down a peg? You can just simply use "You think you're cooler than me," to make them realize. It hits home even more for those who know the rest of the song. Sometimes simple lines are good music lyrics for Facebook status.
  5. "California Gurls" by Katy Perry (feat. Snoop Dogg). If you want good music lyrics for Facebook status and are just trying for something fun and flirty, the lyric from Katy Perry "So hot we'll melt your popsicle" works great for the girls (and sometimes for the boys too). 
  6. "Speechless" by Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is usually good lyric fodder and this one's no exception. If you're feeling washed-out in the romance area (or know friends who are), good music lyrics for Facebook status might be "And I know that it's complicated, but I'm a loser in love. So baby, raise a glass to mend all the broken hearts of all my wrecked-up friends."
  7. "Pray For You" by Jaron and the Long Road to Love. Looking for good music lyrics for Facebook status and you're ticked at an ex (who isn't)? Try posting, "You keep messin' up and I'll keep praying for you." If you don't know the whole song, give it a listen or watch the video. It'll be an inside joke that will keep you grinning.
  8. "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. Another great song to tell your special lady what she means to you "And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while, cos girl you're amazing just the way you are." Finding good music lyrics for Facebook status is a great way to give your girl a reason to smile.
  9. "Magic" by B.o.B.. He not only puts out some great rap songs, B.o.B. is great for summing things up in a single simple sentence. Give a listen to his song, "Magic" for some great ideas for good music lyrics for Facebook status. A particularly funny quip goes, "Respect me like I'm Caesar." Who's going to argue with that?
  10. "Take It Off" by Ke$ha. Ke$ha finishes up our list of 10 good music lyrics for Facebook status with her catchy song, "Take It Off." First off, it's just a hot title (which makes a good status on it's own) but these are some great pump-it-up lyrics, "There's a place downtown, where the freaks all come around. It's a hole in the wall, it's a dirty free-for-all. And they turn me on, when they take it off."
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