10 Good Pump Up Rap Songs

The list of ten good pump up rap songs are cuts hailing primarily from the underground, but with good reason. The underground, as a whole, continues to put out tracks that get heads nodding and crowds jumping. You can't go wrong with the following songs on your shuffle.

  1. “Roc the Mic” – State Property. Released in conjunction with the 2002 movie named after (and starring) the group themselves, “Roc the Mic” is a good pump up rap song that will leave its various choruses stuck in your head for days. “It's Freeway in the place with B. Sig/ And I got what it takes to roc the mic right, yeah/ Still watch what you say to me pr**k/ 'Cause I got what it takes to dump the AK clip.”
  2. “Here I Come” – The Roots. A staple of many a workout mix, The Roots blaze on this track from their “Game Theory” (2006) album. Replete with their organic, traditional band-laden sound, “Here I Come” is one pump up rap song that will have you pumping your fist in no time.
  3. “Still” – Geto Boys. Made famous for its inclusion in 1999's hit film “Office Space”, the Houston collective of Scarface, Bushwick Bill, and Willie D gifted the world with a pump up rap song that will forever have listeners thinking of taking a baseball bat to the office copier.
  4. “D.O.A (Death of Auto-Tune)” – Jay-Z. One of the more commercial hits on the list of good pump up rap songs, this banger from Jay-Z's latest offering, “The Blueprint 3” (2009), features a pounding drumbeat that serve the foundation for Jay's scathing critique of the hip hop industry's over-reliance on auto-tune technology. Even if you don't care about auto-tune, you'll not be able to deny the infectiousness.
  5. “Work the Angles” – Dilated Peoples. One of the biggest hits for this California hip hop group, “Angles” is a pump up rap song that will infuse the listener with energy and vigor. The undeniable centerpiece of their 2000 album, “The Platform”.
  6. “React” (featuring Redman) – Erick Sermon. “React” was a Billboard Hot 100 hit for Erick Sermon, formerly one-half of the hip hop supergroup EPMD. “React” features a thumping beat, catchy background vocals, and the ever-golden rhymes of his protege, Redman.
  7. “Ya'll Been Warned” – Wu-Tang Clan. After the commercially-friendly “The W” premiered in late 2000, the Wu did something out of character: they released a new album the very next year. That album, “Iron Flag”, was more of a return to independent form for the Clan, who were now sans member ODB. “Warned” is arguably the hotted joint off this Wu disc, which would be their last until 2007's “8 Diagrams”.
  8. “616 Rewind” – Cunninlynguists. With cameos from underground hip hop stars Celph Titled, Tonedeff, Sankofa, and Kashal-Tee, “Rewind” will get even the hardest hip hop head pumped up in short order. The music is banging and the lyrics are top-notch. A true classic.
  9. “On the Eve of War” (featuring GZA) – Jedi Mind Tricks. This Philadelphia/Camden collaboration has a metric ton of hits that could have easily filled the pump up rap songs list. But “War” is vintage Jedi, highlighting tight verses and head-banging music. If this song doesn't get you pumped up, nothing will.
  10. “Ante Up” (Remix) – M.O.P. Rock this cut from M.O.P. in your headset, ride, or at your party, and you'll get people jumping in no time. The original is a good pump up rap song, too, but the remix brings the energy of Busta Rhymes, Teflon, and Remy Martin to bear on an established hip hop jam.
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