10 Good Rainy Day Movies For Kids

Want to know 10 good rainy day movies for kids? Everyone needs to know a few rainy day movies for kids. You wake up, look outside, and there is no chance of taking everyone to the pool or the park. In this situation, gather everyone up on the coach, open up the windows to let some cool air in, and get the television ready for rainy day movies.

  1. "Bedtime Stories" – Adam Sandler stars in this rainy day movie a brother that is just supposed to watch his niece and nephew for a few days. While watching them, his discovers that no matter what story he tells them at night, it comes true is some way shape or form. In one scene, it actually rains gumballs.
  2. "The Cat in the Hat" – While this good rainy day movie has a few changes from the original book, the kids are still stuck inside because of the rain and become entertained by a mysterious Cat. Mike Myers fill in some of his usual brand of humor and adults, as well as kids will enjoy this one.
  3. "Lady and the Tramp" – This oldie, but goodie works perfectly as one of the best rainy day movies for kids. Disney's animated feature tells the story of two dogs from completely different lifestyles that end up learning a lot about each other.
  4. "The Neverending Story" – While this one may not work well for younger kids, the older ones will easily become involved with the variety of characters as well as the twists and turns. Let their imaginations run wild as they observe Bastian and his adventures in Fantasia.
  5. "Hook" – This rainy day movie for kids is another new spin on a traditional movie. Robin Williams plays the role of Peter (Pan). He must return to Neverland to save his children and learns that there is still fun to be had as an adult. Both kids and adults will enjoy this one with a little popcorn.
  6. "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" – Because this rainy day  movie is the first in a series, if you are expecting the rain to last several days, you have a whole set to watch. Kids love the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts Wizard School.
  7. "Annie" – In 1982, this musical classic emerged onto the movie scene. Because of the easy to join sing-a-long songs, this film makes the top 10 good rainy day movies. As a side note, parents, be sure not to miss anything that Miss Hannigan (Carol Burnett) sings or says. She will keep you cracking up throughout.
  8. "The Parent Trap" – An older version features Hayley Mills as both twins, while the more modern version stars Lindsay Lohan. Either one will keep the kids attention and be enjoyable for the whole family. All ages would enjoy this good rainy day movie.
  9. "Shrek" – This film makes the good rainy day  film because of its appeal to all ages. Younger kids enjoy the animation while older kids enjoy the adventure as well as humor. As with some of the other movies on the list, there are a few sequels to check out as well.
  10. "Mary Poppins" – Julie Andrews plays the perfect nanny in this Disney film. In one scene, a rainy day ruins the children's day of adventure exploring a new place and riding merry-go-round ponies in a horse race.
When the weather isn't great, spend time indoors with these 10 good rainy day movies for kids.
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