10 Good Rap Love Songs

If you look past mainstream hip hop trends it becomes much easier to find 10 good rap love songs. These are love songs that diversify the generic expectations of the genre of rap music, and set the mood for that feeling that we all want—love. 

  1. Pharcyde – "Passing Me By". It is so common to hear a rap love song that depicts the performer successfully sweeping women off their feet with their endless charm. But when four rappers from Los Angeles allowed their vulnerability to prevail, and spoke about getting ignored by women they admired, their honestly made it easy to relate to them as human beings and not just as some "flawless" celebrities. 
  2. A Tribe Called Quest – "Bonita Applebum". This is the supreme cool-out and chill with a gorgeous female, "fly love song" as lead rapper Q-Tip says. Nothing is trendy or corny on this one – just a timeless ode to the women that make our hearts go ballistic. 
  3. The Roots featuring Jill Scott – "You Got Me". This is a truly beautiful hip hop love song, one that you could put in the same play list with Stevie Wonder or Phil Collins. No wonder it won a Grammy Award. 
  4. Method Man featuring Mary J Blige – "All I Need". Here comes a love song where the rap seems written by the emotion of love itself. The Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man proclaims his dedication to his special woman in a way that the hardest most ice cold scoundrel could even be touched by. 
  5. Slick Rick – "Teenage Love". This 1980's love song about that fragile moment of adolescence when we where our hearts on our sleeves, is a true classic. Slick Rick walks us through those uncomfortable moments with detail and conviction. 
  6. L.L. Cool J – "I Need Love". Who would have thought such a hardcore hip hop artist like L.L. Cool J would make a rap love song? Well his name does stand for Ladies Love Cool James.
  7. Eric B and Rakim – "Mahogany". When it comes to an epic, richly designed story about a woman, in this case named "Mahogany", Rakim proves to be a particularly vivid poet. This is a rap love song that feels like it could be adapted into one very worthy motion picture. 
  8. Pete Rock and CL Smooth – "Searching". The chemistry between CL on the rhymes and Pete Rock on the beat is exceptionally amazing with this hip hop love song. It is so melodic, and the words are so well chosen that the searching is over for a more feel-good selection of music. 
  9. Snoop Dogg featuring Pharell Williams "Beautiful".  Speaking of chemistry, Snoop and Pharell come across as musically related from a family tree for funky, flamboyant, fabulous musicianship. I would say that "Beautiful" is the most danceable groove on this entire list. 
  10. Mase featuring Total – "What You Want". This song comes from a previous Bad Boy Records artist that has since become a Christian minister, Mase. Before he devoted his career to preaching, he was writing seductive rhymes and making love to lady's ear drums with this cool, catchy hit record.
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