10 Good Rap Party Songs

These 10 good rap party songs can take your event from a forgettable get-together to a bumping blowout in just a few verses. The bass is heavy, the beats are infectious, and the lyrics are raunchy and fun. The following list is an instant cure for the boredom bug that plagues your parties.

  1. “W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.”Wale. The sample makes this song. It’s funky and groovy to the extreme. You could play it at a retirement home and a party would spontaneously start. Wale’s from-the-hip rapping style doesn’t hurt, either.
  2. “Sensual Seduction” Snoop Dogg. Snoop’s key quality is the sexual energy his songs exude. It practically drips from this track. If the girls at your party are a bit too timid, play this to break the tension.
  3. “Still D.R.E.” – Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre’s big 2000 comeback produced a lot of great tracks, but this one might just be the best. Its solid rhythm and signature Dre rapping style are hard to beat, especially if you’re looking for a slow tempo jam to get the windows shaking.
  4. “Bedrock” Lil’ Wayne. Sometimes the best thing about a party song is that everyone knows it. Kids from fifteen to 25 know Lil Wayne’s entire discography by heart, and he and his supporting cast of rappers hit a great mood with “Bedrock.” Expect a sing-along to break out during the chorus.
  5. “Flashing Lights” Kanye West. Think what you will about Kanye. Sure, he’s brash and egomaniacal, but his rapping skill is undeniable. “Flashing Lights” is one of his best. His precise, deliberate style over the song’s smooth beat will get any party going.
  6. “Shutterbug” Big  Boi. As the lesser known half of Outkast, Big Boi has been unfairly overlooked. The lead single off his latest album, “Shutterbug,” dazzles with great production and one fantastic hook after another.
  7. “After Hours” A Tribe Called Quest. Every good party playlist needs an offbeat track to mix it up. A Tribe Called Quest, known for its unique jazzy style, is the perfect band to throw in. Their silky style and off kilter beats will break the club banger monotony at any party.
  8. “Bout to Bubble” Tech N9ne. Everyone knows his hit “Caribou Lou,” but “Bout to Bubble” tops it. It’s fast paced and relentless in its party mood. Tech N9ne may not be the most versatile rapper, but he does party music really, really well.
  9. “My Life, Your Entertainment” T.I. The Georgia native is one of the better Southern rappers in the last decade. He’s got a lot of party ready hits, and “My Life, Your Entertainment” is among the best of them. The chorus is a real earworm, and T.I.’s irreverent lyrics set a great partying mood.
  10. “My Hood” Young Jeezy. Rapper Young Jeezy is known for his party hits. His production and fittingly gravelly voice make for a party atmosphere wherever his tracks are played. “My Hood,” with its infectious sample and spot-on chorus, will get everyone in the place dancing.
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