10 Good Rap Songs To Dance To

Whether you are a fan of rap and hip hop or not there is no denying the rhythmic power of the following 10 good rap songs to dance to. The best rap songs for dancing come from different eras and artists, but they all lure people onto the dance floor.

  1. "Can't Touch This" MC Hammer. Not since the days of Sinbad the sailor have baggy trousers seemed so stylish but when MC Hammer was on stage, the "Parachute" style pants were all the rage. Hammer's hit qualifies as one of 10 good rap songs to dance to because it appealed to people of all ages and walks of life.  
  2. "Stronger" Kanye West. Controversial Kanye is at his best when he is making his music. "Stronger" was his best effort at making a good rap song to dance to and based on this huge hit there should be plenty more in the pipeline.
  3. "Hey Ya" Outkast. This song requires a lot of energy but for those not lacking stamina it is a good rap song to dance to. Andre 3000 mixes rap, wacky outfits, hot women and and ultra fast beat in this awesome dance number.
  4. "Push It" Salt-n-Pepa. Back in they day before rap was mainstream, Salt-n-Pepa lead the way in drawing a wider audience to the genre. Anyone at a school prom or disco in the late 1980's quickly realized that this was a contender for the list of 10 good rap songs to dance to.
  5. "Gravel Pit" Wu Tang Clan. Fantastic blend of catchy jig, heavy bass, rapid drum beat and the video featured a bunch of barely clothed, sweat covered hotties. What more could you ask for in a good rap song to dance to ?
  6. "Ice Ice Baby" Vanilla Ice. Not necessarily "good" in the traditional sense of the word but certainly a good candidate for the list of 10 good rap songs to dance to. At a point in time Ice distanced himself from this early hit but of late he has been dancing to it before excited crowds around the nation.
  7. "Jump Around" House of Pain. Not one for the dance connoisseurs but for drunken guys who like being active it is a good rap song to "dance" to. This one can be heard at almost any low priced nightclub in the early hours of Saturday morning.
  8. "Shake A Lil Somethin" 2 Live Crew. Not one for the prudish but this crunk classic got the booty shaking babes onto the dance floor. The crude crew pumped out a variety of similar efforts but this is the only one to make the list of 10 good rap songs to dance to.
  9.  "Low" Flo Rida. This one also got the body pumping and the booty jiggling. This wasn't just a good rap song to dance to but also a calorie burning aid.
  10. "It Takes Two" Rob Base and EZ Rock DJ. It took two great talents to make this good rap song to dance to and it remains popular to this day. The mix of song, and beat was a sure fire winner and this hit completes our list.
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