10 Good Reggae Songs 2010

These 10 good reggae songs 2010 show that reggae music is not just music, it is a way of life. It usually has a strong message about life, but gives listeners a good beat and sound to listen to. There is no other music that you can sit back, relax, and just chill out while you are listening to like good reggae songs.

  1. "One Day" by Matisyahu. This song will bring out the reggae lover in everyone.  It has a different sound from his past songs, but it still has a strong message.
  2. "Courage to Grow" by Rebolution. "Courage to Grow" is the title song to the Courage to Grow album. It will make you think you are listening to Bob Marley with this down home reggae song.
  3. "All Night" by Damian Marley. As the youngest son of legend Bob Marley, Damian Marley brings us song with solid roots in reggae. This is a tune you can dance to with a little bit of pop thrown in, but is one of the best reggae songs on the album.
  4. "Hold You (Hold Yuh)" by Gyptian. This is the song that you play when you are hanging out at the beach with some friends and just chilling. Gyptian is an extremely talented singer and "Hold Yuh" shows off his talent.
  5. "Born in Babylon" by SOJA. This song gets better every time you listen to it. SOJA is relatively new on the reggae scene but with reggae songs like these it won't be long before they are topping the charts.
  6. "Falling" by Irration. This is one of those good reggae songs you can sit back and relax to. It has a Hawaiian feel to it , with beats that are addicting.
  7. "Summertime Baby" by Confidence. This song has a newer sound that is becoming a part of many good reggae songs. It can be listened to over and over again without getting tired of it.
  8. "No More Blood Spilling" by Raggae Rockin. "No more Blood Spilling" is a song and a message. It will keep you listening, and at the same time talk about an important message.
  9. "This is The Life" by Kolohe Kai. Kolohe Kai is a relatively unknown reggae band that is gaining popularity. With good reggae songs like "This is the Life," their blend of island sound and reggae will soon be heard everywhere.
  10. "Down in the Ghetto" by Jahdan Blackkamoore. Blakkamoore is just starting to hit his stride with "Down in the Ghetto." This is one of many good reggae songs from the "Babylon Nightmare" album.
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