10 Good Relationship Songs 2010

These good relationship songs from 2010 are good songs. They're not, however, all about good relationships. Sometimes, bad experiences in couplings lead to fine pop tunes.

  1. Alicia Keys — “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)” — What was un-thinkable a few decades ago, almost goes without saying now, Yet Alicia Keys and Drake contemplate doing the un-thinkable together. Think about that one for a minute. That'll change a relationship.
  2. Taylor Swift — “Mine” — Is it healthy for one partner in a relationship to claim ownership over the other? Well, that's what Taylor Swift does here. She's a rich girl, however, and probably gets used to owning most things. Owning other people might not bee too much of a stretch.
  3. Spoon “Nobody Gets Me But You” — This Texan band sings about that girl that understands the misunderstood guy. And that's a rare find. Guys like that don't usually get into successful relationships.
  4. Cee Lo Green – “Fuck You” — This Cee Lo Green was written post-relationship. He's angry at how she treated him, and it shows. It's what many folks might want to say to their former partner.
  5. Crystal Castles / Robert Smith – “Not In Love” — It's necessary to define some relationships. Some pairs are just friends. They may not be in love. In the movies, everybody eventually falls in love. But real life is not the movies.
  6. Jennifer Hudson – “If This Isn't Love” — Jennifer Hudson is out to prove that she's got the real thing. If this is not real love, what is it? She probably ought to know.
  7. Eminem (featuring Rihanna) — "Love the Way You Lie" — There are also relationships also feature situations where violence is a big issue. Eminem's character can't control himself — it happens. This is a tragic story, but it's also, sadly, true to life.
  8. The Black Keys "Tighten Up" — "Someone said true love is dead," say the lyrics to this song. But if that were true, there would be no more relationship songs. And there was no shortage of good relationship songs in 2010, which proves that theory wrong.
  9. Bruno Mars — "Just the Way You Are" — No relationship will last long when one partner is always trying to change the other one. Bruno Mars loves his gal just the way she is. Smart move, Bruno.
  10. Usher –"OMG" — Relationships start with one person being attracted to another. And who hasn't exclaimed, "OMG!" when spying some beauty? This 2010 song was probably sung under the breath right before the beginning of a few new relationships.
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