10 Good Ringtone Songs

These 10 good ringtone songs are songs we all know by heart. Ringtone songs that everyone can sing along with are fun and make your ringtone unique.

  1. “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay”. This classic song by Otis Redding will have anybody that hears your phone ring singing that song in their head all day.  
  2. “What’s Goin’ On”. This Marvin Gaye song is the perfect ringtone. After all, don’t most of your friends call to see what’s goin’ on?
  3. “Respect”. Aretha Franklin’s song is good for an attitude adjustment. If you haven’t gotten the respect you deserve this could be your new anthem.
  4. “Like a Rolling Stone”. This Bob Dylan song is a perfect bachelor’s ringtone. Or maybe it will just bring out the hidden rebel in you.
  5. “Good Vibrations”. This feel good song by the Beach Boys is a fun ringtone. It might just wake you up the next time your phone rings.
  6. “That’ll Be the Day”. Buddy Holly’s old standard might be a good ringtone for an ex. In case you need a reminder about when you’ll be ready to put with them again.
  7. “Stairway to Heaven”. This song is performed by the legendary rock bank Led Zeppelin. For fans of vintage rock the song is a good candidate for a ringtone.
  8. “Hey Jude”. For Beatles fans this song is a great choice for a ringtone. This is a Beatles favorite to be enjoyed by any generation.
  9. “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. This song from Simon and Garfunkel is a blast from the past. But a memorable song that makes a good ringtone.
  10. “Born to Run”. Put some “Boss” on your phone with this classic rock song. Old-time rock lovers should definitely add this to their ringtone list.



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