10 Good Sad Movies

If you want to watch a classic tragedy play out on the screen, these 10 good sad movies will leave you moved by the end of your viewing. The list below contains well-crafted movies that all revolve around unsettling or sad premises. These films will keep you in suspense and don’t contain the typical happy Hollywood ending.

  1. “Schindler’s List” This Steven Spielberg film is one of the saddest movies made in recent years, but it’s also a great film. Liam Neeson plays Oskar Schindler, who saved more than a thousand Jews from concentration camps during World War II. The movie is both saddening and inspiring.
  2. “The Godfather Francis Ford Coppola’s classic film is a very good sad movie. The plot revolves around deceit, revenge, and familial conflicts that end in a great deal of bloodshed. The finale is particularly tragic and beautifully shot. 
  3. “Seven” David Fincher’s “Seven” is a good, suspenseful movie, but contains a very depressing storyline. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman play detectives attempting to track down a serial killer who bases his murders on the seven deadly sins. The movie remains chilling and sad up until the very end.
  4. “Requiem for a Dream This good, but sad movie shows four different characters whose lives unravel due to their various drug addictions. The movie is gritty and at times hard to watch, but the film is well shot and accompanied by a haunting soundtrack.
  5. “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” The movie tackles the very sad topic of mental illness and electroshock therapy during the 1970s. Watch this film to see one of Jack Nicholson’s greatest roles.
  6. “Apocalypse Now” One of the best war films ever made, “Apocalypse Now” is also a very good sad movie. The film follows Martin Sheen’s character as he journeys into the heart of Vietnam to kill Colonel Kurtz, played by Marlon Brando.
  7. “Gladiator” Russell Crowe plays a victorious and honorable gladiator in this action-packed film. The movie is very good, but also very sad, since Crowe’s character has lost his entire family and faces death at every turn.
  8. “The Green Mile” The movie features Tom Hanks in a role as an executive guard who encounters a gentle giant of a man, played by Michael Clarke Duncan, who has been wrongfully placed on death row. Their growing relationship makes for a great, sad movie.
  9. “The Hours” This very good sad film follows three women from different time periods and contains plenty of sorrow. Nicole Kidman plays writer Virginia Woolf, while Julianne Moore and Meryl Streep costar.
  10. “Capote” A film based on true events, “Capote” is a chillingly good sad movie about writer Truman Capote and his relationship with two murderers. The film can get pretty depressing, but will keep you interested and moved.
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