10 Good Songs With Bass For Car

Driving is the perfect time to enjoy music and these 10 good songs with bass for car driving include some rockers and blues favorites. Heavy metal or hard bass keeps a song loud and strong during an auto touring session, and a variety of groups put out music that is heavy on the bass and perfect for putting down the rag top and taking a drive. 

  1. Master P "Bourbons and Lacs" This little ditty is perfect for driving with the volume and the bass up full throttle. The focus is on the life and driving in Cadillacs, Suburbans and Mercedes Benz. What could be a finer song for driving in a car?
  2. Dr. Dre "Still D.R.E." This ditty is a favorite for cranking up the volume on the car stereo and watching the door speakers move to the boom. Although most of the song is unquotable for mainstream websites, the chorus states the main message of the tune, "You hear the bass from the trunk when I'm on the block."
  3. Lil Wayne "A Mile" Another song with bass and a focus on driving and the street life. Lil Wayne describes his tricked out ride and invites certain pretty mamas to take a ride. Put this on your car stereo and see who takes you up on the offer.
  4. L'Trimm "The Cars with the Boom" The name alone qualifies this song on a list of quality tunes for songs with bass for car. With lyrics that feature women with "cars that go…" and a bass to match, L'Trimm brings the bass with "a little button" that made the car go "boom." 
  5. M.C. Cool Rock and Chaszy Chess "Boot the Booty" This duo brings on the bass, but you can rock this tune also in an instrumental perfect for night driving. M.C. Cool takes a solo on several versions of this tune, but the bass-focused version has Chess come along for the ride. 
  6. Lords of Acid "Deep Sexy Space Chorale" A tune featured on the group's 1997 release "Our Little Secret," this tune booms the base on the chorus, although it's impossible for a quote on a family website, even one with hipster talk. 
  7. The Black Eyed Peas "Hey Mama" Also a hit Billboard Top 10 song, the Black Eyed Peas crank up the bass on this song perfect for listening to in your car. The lyrics state, "We the blast master blastin' up the jamma" and the group means business. 
  8. Enimem "Mockingbird" Combining the old lullaby with lyrics that address new life in the real world, Enimem offers both base and lyrics on this tune perfect for listening and driving. 
  9. Eazy-E "Boys in the Hood" Not to be confused with the original. The tune for car is the bass remix that cranks up the soul, as well as the bass line.
  10. The Roots "Seed 2.0" Combine the bass, tuba and drumming of Questlove and you've got a rocking good song with bass for car. The lyrics to this tune, featuring Cody Chesnutt, is a modern ode to a new life with a new baby, one that the singer plans to name Rock 'n' Roll.
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