10 Good Songs To Make Love To

Music seems to set the mood for any event that you are involved in — including intimacy — so having a minimum of at least 10 good songs to make love to in your collection is crucial. They may not always be your favorite songs, or music that you would normally listen to, but using these songs to set the right ambience for romance could enhance your love-making experience, and be what causes it to happen. 

  1. Marvin Gaye – "Let's Get It On". This sexually-charged soul song was a smash hit for Marvin Gaye during his Motown days, and helped solidify him as a true sex symbol. If it is good enough for Marvin's love life, it should be more than good enough for yours, while playing it in your living room.
  2. Sade – "No Ordinary Love".  Sade may have one of the most soothingly seductive voices in the world of music. This soulful, sultry love song should cause the act of making love to appear to be the next logical thing to do when relaxing with your significant other. 
  3. Whitney Houston – "I Will Always Love You". Miss Houston's voice is filled with enough passion to fuel every individual in any sold out stadium that she performed it at. All you will need is just a little of that left over passion to stir between you and your love one – and love making shall become inevitable. 
  4. Sade – "The Sweetest Taboo". I must insist that you can't lose in the realm of romance when playing Sade. This soft, gorgeous blanket of sound will warm you and your lover up, inciting some magical moments of love making, especially with a bottle of wine added to the mix. 
  5. Barry White – "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe". When a performer has such a romantic image and voice as strong as Barry White does, it will surely rub off on it's listeners. And with this particular slow jam, he will be saying everything that your body is not capable of pronouncing. 
  6. Stevie Wonder – "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life". You should save this extremely touching pop hit for that extra special individual that you are hopelessly addicted to – and can't do without. Just some simple eye contact while this is playing could end up meaning much more than you could imagine. 
  7. Sinead O'Connor – "Nothing Compared 2 U". This song is sweet and subtle, and totally meant for the act of making love. It is perfect for quiet moments that will allow you both to use your imaginations to fill in the blanks. 
  8. Prince – "I Would Die For You". Prince is definitely the go-to guy for songs to make love to. This particular treasure from the jewel box of an album, "Purple Rain", could make it rain beads of sweat from both of your brows. 
  9. Dido – "Thank You". You will also be thanking Dido for creating this song that is a critical soundtrack to make love to. Just don't kill the mood by mentioning that Eminem sampled it for his song "Stan", about a fan-turned-stalker. That would just turn everything totally creepy. 
  10. Marvin Gaye – "Sexual Healing". And once again, we return back to who we started with, the author of songs to make love to – Marvin Gaye. If you have never heard this song before, just read the title, and trust that you will be in good hands. 


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