10 Good Songs To Run To In The Summer

Learning about good songs to run to in the summer can make your running experience better than it ever has been. Running in the summer heat can be extremely draining and difficult to do. Most people prefer not to take up this challenge, but if you find the right kind of motivation, it will not seem nearly as bad. Good music can be just the motivation you need to go run in the summer.

  1. "Drive It Like You Stole It" by Glitch Mob is a great song to run to in the summer. This is a glitch-hop song with no lyrics but great beats and intense music that will pump you up for summer runs.
  2. "Animus Vox" is another great song to run to in the summer and is also written by Glitch Mob. This song may start out a little slow, but once it drops you will feel your energy level and desire to workout really shine during the summer.
  3. When you run in the Summer, you will definitely want to listen to "Ants" by edIT. This is another song that starts off slow but has an awesome drop and a really cool beat. Listen to it during the summer and get yourself to get yourself into the mood to run.
  4. Try listening to "Stress" by Justice when you run. The song is intense and the music video is even crazier. Watch the video and think about during your runs for the ultimate motivator during the summer.
  5. Listen to "Brazil" by Deadmau5 during your summer run if you are into house techno. This genre has a very simple drum beat and relatively simplistic sounds and melodies, but it can keep you relaxed and focused. Listen to this song during long runs in the summer to keep yourself motivated for the grueling workout.
  6. "Ghosts 'n' Stuff" by Deadmau5 is another great house techno song. This song is more intense than the previous song and it will get you pumped up for those difficult runs in the summer heat.
  7. "Rods and Cones" by the Blue Man Group is an awesome percussion-based song that will really pump you up. Listen to this song towards the beginning of you run to get yourself off to a great start. It can be hard to make yourself exercise during the summer, but this song has the right sound to pump you up.
  8. "Becoming Insane" by Infected Mushroom is an awesome song to run to in the summer. It starts off crazy and ends up getting even crazier with great guitar riffs and cool vocals. Listen to it during summer sprint workouts for fast paced motivation.
  9. Mt. Eden Dubstep's "Sierra Leone" is a really good dubstep song to run to. Dubstep is a genre that focuses on heavy bass with light melodies masked underneath. This song will make you want to run during the summer.
  10. The dubstep remix of Damian Marley's "It was Written" by Chasing Shadows is an epic running song during the hot summer months. Listen to this song to really help motivate yourself to get out there and exercise.
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